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Minimalist Cloudscape Wedding In Atlanta

As someone who has delivered a number of styled editorals for major brands, I say with no hesitation that articulating an idea isn’t always the easiest task! Certain creatives (themes) come together easily while others, those more abstract in nature, really require your art director A-game to evolve and fully bake. Imagine selecting a style […]

Chic Seaside Scottish Wedding Along Australia’s Coogee Coast In Sydney With A Dash Of Cheeky Fun

Our lovely international couple, Rachael & Luke, married this past October at Wylie’s Baths, an open air ocean pool on the Coogee coast in Sydney.  Even though their respective homes were separated by more then a  few bodies of water, Scottish Rachael & Australian Luke forged a bond that no land mass could keep apart.  Luke and his groomsmen […]