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Cozy Indoor Flower Boudoir In Red

Set at the comfort of home, this cozy flower boudoir session is equal parts feminine embracing & uniquely sweet.  Donning a simple set of sheer red lingerie, our gal is wrapped up in a world that is bashful & playfully coy.  Blooms play a very important role in this flower boudoir session, with hand crafted […]

Why It Works Wednesday: The Plaid Bride We All Have A Crush On

You know the image I am referring to, its been making its way around the Pinterestsphere for sometime now.  Hair done up in that just right textured loose braid do, perfectly wrapped flannel shirt paired with a full tulle skirt, all of which is highlighted by that gorgeous Look At Me back bow.  The image […]

The Fishtail Princess, Her Bow Tie Ring & Her Rustic Wedding Dream At Les Chalets du Grand Duc

Sometimes restraint is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal.  Wanting nothing more then to keep things as natural as possible, today’s phenomenal Montreal team crafted a wonderfully fresh yet rustic world at the newly opened Les Chalets du Grand Duc.  Every chalet should have its princess, our chalet has a princess made of stylish beauty […]