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Rich Earth Tones Make For A Chic Bride In Jen Huang’s Shadow & Soul Workshop

There is something so deliciously ethereal about this styled bridal portrait session from Jen Huang Photography.  Aptly named Shadow & The Soul, this Jen Huang Photography workshop shoot embodies a polish & sophistication that is effortless in spirit.  To evoke a beautiful because you are, not because your tried, chic bride persona, styling began with a free flowing Saja Wedding Gown beautifully punctuated […]

9 Fresh Looks At Fall Decor

Oy.  Yup you heard me right, Oy!  Its true, I am starting this post off with Oy… why?  I have a bone to pick with the world’s opinion/version of what fall decor is.  Just about everywhere you look for inspiration your inundated with pumpkins, pumpkins made of non-pumpkin material, candy corn, burlap and dried out […]

Why It Works Wednesday: 9 Terrariums That Are Prime For The Centerpiece Spotlight

I have to say the ‘F’ word guys, so please forgive me….   its almost fall….  Eek I know but like all things its getting close to the time where we move into a more earthy harvest type feel.  Pretty much everyone is in love with succulents anymore, using them in everything from bouquets to […]

Why It Works Wednesday: The Bohemian Outdoor Palette Lounge

Not to long ago, Green Wedding Shoes featured a pretty amazing anniversary session in South Africa shoot by Adene Photography with a guest appearance by a…. cheetah!  Now I could go on forever about why I think cheetahs are awesome, but alas, they are not the center focus of today’s design breakdown.  The styling for […]