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Beautifully Bohemian Summer Floral Boudoir At Dana Powers House and Barn

Be Warned, MAJOR crush material ahead!  Girl Crush, CHECK.  Hair Crush, CHECK.  Ultra Cool Free Spirited Boho Crush, CHECK.  Floral Crush, CHECK!  West coast California wedding & boudoir photographer Alexandra Wallace wanted to breathe life into her vision of a floral loving boho bride come floral boudoir session and I personally couldn’t be more pleased to share […]

Cozy Indoor Flower Boudoir In Red

Set at the comfort of home, this cozy flower boudoir session is equal parts feminine embracing & uniquely sweet.  Donning a simple set of sheer red lingerie, our gal is wrapped up in a world that is bashful & playfully coy.  Blooms play a very important role in this flower boudoir session, with hand crafted […]