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Why It Works Wednesday: Mix Matched Bridesmaid Dresses In Creamy Neutral Tones

Bonding with your girls throughout the wedding process can be harrowing at times, utterly glorious at others.  The main area of stress that just about every person in the bridal party {we’re talking the ladies here!} centers around, is ‘THE DRESS’.  The bridesmaids dress has found a naughty way, over time, to become just as […]

Classic Southern Elegance At South Carolina’s Middleton Place In This Opulent Wedding Set With Neutral Tones

There is something so incredibly crave worthy about the class and opulence surrounding southern weddings!  Be it the refined mannerisms or  celebration of pomp circumstance, its easy to see what New York City residents Elizabeth Allina & Justin Lott opted for a southern fete.  Capitalizing on a true southern gem, the couple chose Middleton Place with all of […]

Champagne & Blush Sparkle For All To See In This Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center Wedding

Stepping away from the traditional bridesmaid look can bring about some truly phenomenal results and this gorgeous wedding filled with sequined touches certainly proves that point!  Elizabeth Evans D’Ascensao & Nick D’Ascensao’s wedding day was steeped in traditional while pursuing more modern takes in just the right areas.  Bridesmaids were dressed in gorgeous sequin dresses, while our lovely bride donned […]