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July 4th Americana Meets French Bastille Day In This Red White & Blue Wedding

Pop quiz!  How many countries, including our USA celebrate Independence Day?  If guessed well over a hundred you’d be right but still shy of the true number which is roughly 194 countries around the world that celebrate their liberation from occupation by a foreign power! Not all countries celebrate with the same level of fan […]

Why It Works Wednesday: Red White & Blue Wedding Invitations Beyond Patriotic Love

In honor of our nation’s big day tomorrow, I am going a bit Patriotic with this week’s Why It Works Wednesday tackling a lovely wedding invitation suite {a first for WIWW!} from Pink Piggy Design.  I came across this gorgeous suite thanks to a feature from Oh So Beautiful Paper, who were feeling a bit patriotic […]

New Modern Take On Red White & Blue Wedding With Snowcone Highlights

Red, White & Blue are three colors that couples are willing to take a chance on, but one color at a time, never as a combined force.  There is such a strong patriotic connection with this color combo that just about everyone is fearful that they will not be able to pull it off.  Today’s styled shoot […]