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Why It Works Wednesday: Soft Sweeping Romantic Blooms In Georgia Peach Inspired Wedding Bouquet

There’s a certain real wedding that we featured recently on SBW which garnered all sorts of lovely response for not only its wonderfully stylish couple, but the tremendous design done in decor & flora.  A focal point to the wedding was the bride’s bouquet which was utterly D.IV.I.N.E!!  I knew this gorgeous arrangement of blooms […]

Whimsical Rustic Industrial Black & White Wedding Inspired By Five Stripes Tapers

I love when I get submissions reading along with the curious intricacies that shaped a couple, or even a designer’s creative process, what inspired them to decor & fashion greatness.  Fun tidbit about today’s beautifully styled Black & White wedding, the inspiration came for black & white taper candles via Five Stripes!  I completely adore the idea of […]