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Why It Works Wednesday: Alternative Fall Color Palette In Purple, Turquoise & Gold

If you happen to Google {or search on Pinterest} fall table settings and the like, oh man looooooook the hell out!  Its like opening an over full storage closet stuffed with bags, balls, tennis rackets and the like that come tumbling out all over the place, only in this case, its in the form of […]

Dark Wood, Bright Colors & Shining Gold In This Colors, Flavors, and Spices of India Styled Shoot

I have such a big crush on this insanely lovely styled Indian shoot!  From the bright elegant colors to the phenomenal clothing all beautifully captured by Brian MacStay Photography!  When the team got together to craft this styled shoot, they took cues from the colors and flavors of India, saffron, curry, cardamom and indigo as well as the […]