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Gorgeous Lawn Of The Barkley House Pensacola Plays Hosts To Soft Mint Green Wedding Al Fresco

Sometimes heading home, is the move that fits best. Such was the case for current Austin Texas residents Monica Cicciarelli & Eric Soelzer who opted to turn back to Pensacola where everything began!  Armed with a strong desire to be married a la fresco, Monica & Eric found The Barkley House which highlights a gorgeous outdoor lawn, views of […]

Why It Works Wednesday: Geometric Inspired Whimsical Wedding

Confession time, math was…. rather IS not really my thing.  Simply put, I do not have a head for numbers.  When Geometry came round, I thought my battleship was sunk FOR.SURE.  Thanks to a rather eccentric teacher who had a big time thing for crazy amounts of bonus, I skated with a B {trust me […]