Twinkle Twinkle Gorgeous Lil 3 Dimensional Star… DIY

These lil beauties caught my eye the other day on Pinterest!  I knew immediately this was a DIY that I was all over.  A star is a star is a star, right?  True story, but there is something about the lines to these stars, coupled with the 3D that really makes them pop for me.

Twinkle Twinkle Gorgeous Lil 3 Dimensional Star…  DIY

So I headed over to the site that had the DIY only to discover that it was in another language Twinkle Twinkle Gorgeous Lil 3 Dimensional Star…  DIY  Seems like a nordic language to me, forgive if I am wrong.  As it turns out though, the images that follow each step of the process are so clear that I think one would be ok without the written directions.

These can be used for a lot of things, wedding, parties, who knows.  Nautical themed weddings, over a dance floor,  the world is your oyster!

Also I love the variety of paper you could totally play with to make these!  Solid color, patterned, scrapbook paper, you name it.  If you really wanted to get creative, you could even add a spray paint stencil onto the paper that you will use to give a whole new element of design to them.  Oh what about a love letter star!  Ah so many ways to go!

I do have an additional though that I am keen to share, I am thinking about taking some and then lining the major fold lines of each with glitter to make them really catch the light and pop!  Yay for stars!

3 Dimensional Star DIY Tutorial

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