1. Young Love Hong Kong Wedding Featuring Mix Of Old Traditions & New Flavor

    I love when the opportunity comes my way to put a spotlight on weddings from around the world, each celebrated in their own unique fashion. Such is the case with today’s wonderful wedding from Hong Kong wedding photographer Sophia Kwan Photography showcasing a mix of old world traditions with a dash of something new. Joe & Billy started their day off honoring the ways of Chinese culture by sharing tea ceremonies with close family and friends travelling from place to place. Joe took things one step further, donning a stunning vintage look which featured a gorgeous traditional gown complete with a knot pinned up do finished with fresh flowers. After the traditional aspects of the day were over, Joe switched to a lovely lace long sleeved wedding dress for their ceremony/reception at Club One which was set against the most amazing wall of mixed greens. To finish the look of the room, birdcages & chandeliers of crystal were accented throughout, giving the most divine of secret garden feeling! The unique blend of something so old and traditional mixed with that which is more modern makes for a beautiful sneak peek into a whole other world!

  2. Nouveau Indian Christian Houston Wedding In Mixed Pinks & Crystals

    One part glam & one part Indian awesome, this gorgeous Houston wedding from Esvy Photography is a delicious mash up of old world culture with all the chic modern trimmings! Narmeen & Joe Thomas wanted to honor their Indian culture all while embracing a catholic ceremony. Narmeen donned a more modern body hugging trumpet lace wedding dress perfectly complimenting it with the traditional mehndi on her hands & arms as well as beyond gorgeous pieces of Indian designed jewelry, tying the two worlds together flawlessly. The night was shared in the luxuriously decorated ballroom at Royal Oaks Country Club dressed in shiny pinks & golds punctuated with tall centerpieces dripping in a waterfall of crystals & blooms. I love the way that Narmeen & Joe beautifully blended their heritage with their modern day faith all while giving just the right glamorous touch!

  3. Bohemian Sunrise Wedding Featuring Suspended Cakes, Pillow Seating & Rickshaws

    The crew at Wedding 101 have recently been dropping gorgeous little gems into my inbox and I am confident that you are about to become as smitten as I am with the gorgeous affairs that they have been crafting! Today's wonderfully dreamy session is like that yummy vivid dream that you were having just as your alarm went off! Wanting to turn the conventional notion of when a wedding takes place on its head, rather then celebrating with the setting sun, we take on the morning rays of light instead! Wrapped in a beautifully earthy bohemian vibe, this sunrise wedding features, among many cool things, my new favorite wedding trend {already!} of 2014, the suspended cake! Deliciously crafted by their host venue, The Bleckley Inn, created an incredibly scrumptious layered crepe cake which is suspended by fabric perfectly at waist height for ogling by the guests as well as cutting of course! The ceremony & reception are just as unique as the cake presentation, filled with Moroccan style carpets, pillow seating, tons of candles & gorgeous earthy elements like garlands of green, pheasant feathers & strong farmhouse wood tables. The neutral color palette infused with touches of green & pops of purple lay the ground work for this bohemian delight while being accented by just the right metallic touches. There are so many other terrific surprises & delights you're going to love exploring, everything from the boho chic decor to our lovely bride who blends glam style, cultural touches & boho flair to perfection! Now if you'll excuse me, I am going back to dream about this sunrise wedding some more!

  4. Inter-Faith Wedding In Vibrant Red & Glittering Gold On The Lawn Of The Jefferson Memorial

    There is something just a touch extra swoony when it comes to weddings in our nation's capitol. If you haven't had a chance to visit yet, I highly recommend a long weekend trip as there is some much to see/visit and experience! One of my favorite areas around town is the Jefferson Memorial and today, I learned something.... you can get married on the lawn there! Surur Sajanlal and Jordan Yonce, who met while attending University of Virginia & both being members of acapella groups at UVA, wanted to host their celebration in the very area that their hearts had connected. Under the gun for time, they got creative and discovered that weddings could take place on the great lawns of our nation's amazing memorials! Surur being from Indian background of Muslim faith while still wanting to embrace American wedding customs, the couple decided to host the ultimate inter-faith wedding ceremony sampling a little bit of the good stuff from everything! Bridesmaids dressed in vibrant red traditional sari's while Surur wore a classic take on an white wedding dress altered to reflect Indian accents and an Indian veil. The result is a joyous & vibrant affair and I love that it took place right in the heart of our nation, which is indeed a true melting pot of the world!