Planning a bachelorette party might be the singular most involved event one can plan, and yes more so than a wedding!  There are typically a lot of moving parts, a lot of opinions & often emotions, and let’s be honest, planning a party isn’t our day job.  In life I’ve managed to get away with only being in charge of one, this one being all the way in London.  Bachelorette parties inspire travel with the idea of a destination bachelorette being especially attractive.  It is the unknown factor however, that can cause even the greatest of party planners to break out into cold sweats.  By following a few simple golden rules, a destination bachelorette party becomes far less intimidating and instead a triple circled date on your calendar filled with excitement!

Know Your Audience

A key piece to any bachelorette, especially a destination bachelorette party is to know your group.  Now isn’t the time to sign up for a completely new and totally foreign concept.  While bachelorette parties absolutely should have wondrously fun and new experiences here and there, don’t create a trip with an entire itinerary centered on something no one is sure they are into like camping while being suspended above a canyon!  You’ll want to craft a strategy that is a healthy mix of known good times with just a new adventure or two for spice, flavor and bonding!  Putting a group of ladies in a completely untested environment is risky, either it’s going to be a complete smash, or go down in flames from the stress of it all.

Be Respectful

There is some kind of mental magic that always seems to happen when it comes to weddings.  Simple golden rules go out the window, things get personal quick, and a war zone takes shape.  Be respectful applies to everyone, and yes brides, you too.  The ‘My Day, My Way’ persona is an antiquated mentality that needs to fall by the wayside.  Understand the limitations, both time & monetarily speaking, of your party and be respectful of that.  Bridesmaids, support whoever is in charge of the planning.  Offer help, but mean it.  If you volunteer to undertake a task, deliver.  It’s often considerably worse to think help is on the way only for it to then fall short leaving your scattered and scrambling versus having gone another route in the first place.  Planner, only accept if you truly think you can handle it and manage it from start to finish.  The worst thing you can do is accept when you really cant, struggle and potentially leave you feeling badly about it or worse someone, in the end.

Do The Research

Unless you’re already intimately knowledgeable about the area you’re going to, be sure to do your due diligence when planning your destination bachelorette party.  Thanks to an almost endless well of travel bloggers, influencers and Instagrammers, finding the coolest places to eat, the most unique lounges to go to or discover some incredibly couple group experiences, it only takes a short bit of research.  The theme for the bachelorette party that I planned was Ladies Golf, 18 Holes.  I created a day in which the bachelorette party had multiple stops, each representing a hole in the course so to speak.  I was only able to accomplish this by doing my homework.  I found terrific places to nosh, a few stops that were low key in between to catch our breath and a lineup of pubs, clubs and the like to weave in and out of.  It sounds like something you hear at Girl Scouts, but always be prepared has some serious truth to it!

No matter where your destination bachelorette party takes you, some place within the US or somewhere incredibly cool like Anastasija’s did to Lisbon Portugal, the can be a time of serious female bonding.  Line up some cool experiences, don’t put too much pressure on the party, and work within everyone’s confines as best you can.  Bow out when you need, step up if you can.  Bachelorette parties are serious tribe time, try not to forget that!

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Photography: Mc Photography | Event Planning: Splendida Weddings | Makeup: benefit Cosmetics Portugal | Submitted via: Matchology