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Movies always bring people together and after life brought Kat and Spencer together at five years old as childhood friends, their fondness for old, vintage movies was an even bigger contributing factor. The pair got engaged and of course, they knew they had to dedicate it to movies and they chose to get creative with their affinity for “Harry Potter”.

Being the potterheads they are, they turned to representing their favorite Hogwarts houses and it turned into a classic engagement session by Playful Soul Photography with a dash of magic. Kat dressed up beautifully in a mustard-yellow empire dress and fittingly, Spencer wore a three-piece blue glen plaid blue suit and a gray sweater that echoed the grown-up version of Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s school uniforms. At first glance, this is your run-of-the-mill timeless engagement session, but these interesting and personal details are what make it memorable.

Photography: Playful Soul Photography | Wedding Ring: Jessie Kuruc | Earrings: Fan Corner Creation | Submitted via: Matchology