Beautifully Moody Stormy Summer Beach Wedding

If there is one thing I always show up for, one thing I always applaud, its that which is off the beaten path and done beautifully!  When this stormy little styled shoot landed in my inbox I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Did they mean stormy ironically?  I mean let’s be honest, we’re all basically trained to fear the elements….  ‘Dear God please don’t let it rain on my wedding day’, ‘please don’t let this Nor’easter hit on the day of my outdoor styled shoot’, and so on!  The reality is, if you can bear it… if you can stick around, there is some real true magic to be had when weather comes knocking!  There are two things about this shoot that Savannah wedding stylist Urban Poppy did that I am IN.LOVE. with.  Firstly, they took the fairly standard idea of a beach wedding and… well tossed it in the ocean!  Instead the crew focused on upscale elevated detailing that created a wonderfully stylish stormy dream beach wedding.  In place of your standard size table, a coffee table was used inviting guests to sit directly onto the soft sands evoking a one with the earth yet whimsical feel.  The table was dressed with simple white plates and silverware allowing the unique candelabra centerpiece to be the true romantic star.  Naturally hurricane lanterns with flickering light was a must, while beautifully gnarled pieces of driftwood framed them.  To enhance the gentle beauty that is the southern coastline palette, roses in a soft blush come beige highlighted ivy greens while air plants sprawled out in their wonderful uniqueness.  Each of these details create striking features that allow for movement, much like the sea.  The rest is filled by fashion choices of our bride and groom, wonderfully stylish, a touch boho, and beautifully not nautical minded in the least.  Our bride’s Sarah Seven wedding dress, supplied by Ivory + Beau, is gorgeous on any given day, but it is utterly breath taking as it snaps in the gusty wind!  My second favorite piece to this beach wedding shoot is that the team actively sought out a storm!  How can you have a gloriously stormy shoot without wonderfully moody clouds and dark forbidding skies?!  Wedding photographer Obscura Photoworks did a lovely job of capturing moody mother nature all while keeping it light when needed.  The blend of dark and light gives a very true feel to just how fickle the light can play as storms move through.  Gorgeously elevated beach wedding, seeking moody stormy skies….  Sign me up any day of the week!


Vendor Love

Photography: Obscura Photoworks | Styling + Floral: Urban Poppy | Wedding Dress: Sarah Seven | Dress Boutique: Ivory + Beau | Hair: Towne Salon | Makeup: Anissa Manzo