When you’ve lived all around the country, what is a couple to do with it comes time for engagement photos?  Allison Peterson & Justin Wilson, currently living in Nashville {site of my first & only Half-Marathon but I digress, lol}, knew they had a great location already at their finger tips, so why go else where?  Allison & Justin will be having a winter wedding & as such wanted the session to have that cozy winter feel.  I find this is something a lot of couple’s battle, its June, time for the engagement photos, but your getting married in February, what to do?  One option is exactly what our clever couple did, play the part! Don those mittens, throw on your wool caps & make like you need to keep each other warm!  Our sweet couple faked it & the result, had I not told you, you would never have know!  I only spilled the beans as I want couples to know there is no wrong answer & playing the part of what will be, is certainly a viable option.  So go on, throw on that summer dress and prance around in the snow…. er, ok so maybe that one wont work out so well!


*All Photographs by Jen Yuson Photography