Dreamy Natural Light Boudoir In Santorini Greece’s Sophia

Some boudoir sessions simply read like a beautiful poem about love.  Captured in Santorini Greece as part of a recent Boheme Workshop, this boudoir session from Sotiris Tsakanikas Photography is all about the exploration of human form and perspective.  With such an immensely stunning setting as the Santorini backdrop, its easy to see how one would become so inspired by the Greek Classical Period of Art 480 – 400BC.  The rustic minimalist setting of the Sophia Suites created a dreamy environment in a wash of white, while each moment captured paid homage to a Mediterranean love story.  As far as boudoir sessions go, from the natural light that highlights each curve, to the simple beauty of the perfectly captured angles, one couldn’t write a better boudoir poem.


Vendor Love

Photographer: Sotiris Tsakanikas Photography | Workshop: Boheme Workshops | Floral: Celsia Floral | Makeup: Frantzeska Koukoula makeup & hair | Accessories: Lady Evelyn, naturae design | Venue: Sophia | Event Planner: Stella & Moscha | Event Designer: Tahnee Sanders