Vermont On Display In This Classic Traditional Wedding At Shelburne Farms

Sure I am bias, being a Vermont bride myself, but in truth Vermont is indeed one of the most lovely states out there.  Its an emerald ‘sliver’ of land that offers such rich lush environments from jutting peaks, softly waving creek bed plains, to beachy shores along Lake Champlain.  In short there is a bit for everyone and each bit more lovely then the next.  Laurel Valchuis & Chris Wilson know just what I am talking about, falling head over heads while hiking themselves.  Shelburne Farm is a stunning property that exudes tradition in the form of elegance & sophistication.  Featuring a showpiece red equestrian style barn, one can easily have a rustic fete that fits like a modern luxurious glove.  Taking in the beautiful contrast of the farm like setting, set along the shores of Lake Champlain, our sweet couple framed their nuptials among the towering pines while looking out across the vast serene calm waters.  Being that Vermont produces some of the finest local fare around, Laurel & Chris played it close to the vest, highlighting beautiful food, allowing the noshes to become in many ways gorgeous elements of decor in themselves.  There is a quiet beauty to such a place as Shelburne and its very easy to see why anyone would want to  share their day among this Vermont perfection.


Novella of the Bride…

Laurel and Chris met at a fail swanky event in Boston, went on a swanky first-weekend-away, and since then it has gotten a lot more, well, campy. We just love the great outdoors. Camping, hiking, paddling, adventuring, we’re into pushing each other- some people call it being competitive, but we just love a challenge. To determine if we could really live together we went on a 10-day trek in the Wind Rivers Wilderness in Wyoming to see if we could stand each other for that long in survival mode.

The overall theme of the wedding was homegrown goodness. We wanted a place that overlooked the mountains that we love to climb, the lake we love to play in, the music we are moved by, and to feature the delicious vegetables which with we associate the grand state of Vermont.  Marveling the view of Camel’s Hump from the top of one of the trails at Shelburne Farms on a winter walk with our dog, Monty, we went home to see if Shelburne farms hosted weddings and they did!

This was so special to us because all the people we love and care about played a role in the process. Grampie Jim built the boxes in which Wendy (Chris’ mom) planted herbs; Carol (Laurel’s mom) put together childhood pictures and all the beautiful touches catching to the eye; Joe Bossen of Vermont Bean Crafters, whom we consider a wonderful friend, masterfully nourished, vegetarian style, all our loved ones; Kat Wright- who moved us every Thursday at the Radio Bean at Soul Night, moved us once again on our wedding night; Grammie Marie provided the hankies of grandmothers past for Mothers Carol and Wendy in which to joyfully weep; Ellen Ross followed through on her promise to take breathtaking shots of our wedding after we met the first day of our Community Development class at UVM; Casey Boudrot, brilliant wedding planner conveyed the origins of our food through beautiful menus and orchestrated a beautiful day.

Certainly the highlight- other than professing our love to one another through our vows in front of everyone we love- was after the 5k road race we organized around the Shelburne Farms grounds. Standing in Lake Champlain looking at  all our bad-ass (can we use moderate profanity here?) {SBW: when its used to describe cool peeps we’ll allow it! 😉 } friends/family who competed, and I mean competed in the race, sitting on the stone wall chatting away about the conditions of the day (freaking hot), recent happenings, future plans, Carol (Laurel’s mother) beating Rick (Chris’ dad) by sneak-attacking him at the end of the race, what have you. Life could not have gotten any better.

Vendor Love

Venue: Shelburne Farms  | Wedding Dress: Judd Waddell  | Bridesmaid Dresses: Nicole Miller | Hair Stylist: O’M | Makeup Artist: Cynthea’s Spa | Groom’s Attire: IndoChino  | Invitations: Bride | Music: Kat Wright and the Indomitable Soul Band  | Rentals: Vermont Tent Company | Florist: Rose Robitaille | Caterer: Vermont Bean Crafters  | Wedding/Event Planner: Social- Events by Casey Friend \ Photographer: Ampersand Wedding Photography