Doing a boudoir session typically happens for one of two reasons, for a sensual gift to give your groom or simply for yourself.  Believe it or not, I did a boudoir session myself and my reasoning straddled the line of a little of both of these.  Bridal boudoir beauty Sidney wanted a to give her husband a gift that he would never forget, as such, she teamed up with Jewels Photography for a bridal flavored boudoir session.  With her upcoming wedding serving as inspiration, Sidney brought along her gorgeous veil as well as her wedding day heels to perfectly compliment her array of playful lingerie.  From stripped down moments of simply being in one of her fiance’s business shirts to those of a more sultry variety using the veil to create some wonderfully coy & fresh looks, the end result is a bridal boudoir that is as sweet as it is sexy!

*All Photographs by Jewels Photography