Combining Thank You’s & Holiday Cards

Combining Wedding Thank You Cards With Holiday Cards

So Truly & I are currently in a funny place, time wise, regarding the need to send out our Thank You notes for our wedding, & running into the holiday season, aka Christmas cards!  In truth, we did get married at the end of this past August, so perhaps this makes us already behind on our Thank You’s, but I do know couples that actually didnt send anything for a full year, reserving to send more of a One Year Anniversary Thank You Update.  So, are we late/lazy, running about on time, who knows!  I suppose in truth its subjective.  I am sure there is some golden etiquette rule book somewhere, but I feel we all should have the freedom to make it all our own.  Just as long as the Thank You’s do indeed go out mind you!  Feel free to yell at me for my lack of strict etiquette enforcement 🙂

Combining Wedding Thank You Cards With Holiday Cards

Getting back to my original concern, lets keep the 2 different items separate for a moment shall we?  Originally,  I was going to design our Thank You’s much the way I designed all of our other paper items for the wedding:  Paper. One of the Most Important Elements in Your Wedding  I knew from the very start that with the amazing photography that we would be getting from the lovely Sarah DiCicco, it was a no brainer to go the photo incorporated route.  Leaning on that knowledge, I made by hand a lovely burlap bunting banner (DIY post to come!) spelling out Hardy to use in some of our photos.  So fine, I knew the jist of my game plan.

Combining Wedding Thank You Cards With Holiday Cards

Then enter…Oh crap, its time to get yourself into holiday card mode!  I started to think about what we wanted to do for our holiday cards.  I started thinking about taking new fun photos of Truly & I all wintered/holiday’d up.  Then I got a bit annoyed with myself.  I have all these completely amazing & wonderful photos from Sarah that we really havent had a chance to do anything with, so why on earth would I take more photos.  There will be plenty of holidays seasons to come that I can dress up Truly & I, making some pretty wonderful holiday cards.

The idea of combining our Thank You’s & Holiday Cards slowly began to creep its way into my mind.  It wasn’t a bad idea, at least I didn’t think.  I mean surely others have been faced with this sort of issue before, with their wedding ending & holidays approaching.  Surely I wasn’t out of line to think of this sort of thing, right?

Combining Wedding Thank You Cards With Holiday Cards

So I ventured over to one of my fave pick & personalize card shops,  It only took me a matter of moments to find that they actually already had 4 styles with a combo wedding-holiday feel.  The lovely thing about Minted, is that you can mix and match to suit your needs.  Having a card that offered a large text area was pretty ideal for what I had in mind.  It was all starting to come together now!

At this point however, I have one small concern.  How will this combining of Thank you & Holiday Card be received?  Will  guest think it cheap or lame, or worse…tacky?  Will they appreciate it & actually take it fully as the Thank You that it is indeed meant to be, or shrug it off as a sort of  half-hearted thank you?

What do you guys think?  How would you feel as a wedding guest, getting a Thank You Card that also combo’d a touch with something else?

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  1. Jessica

    Tweet Backs:

    @StorybrdWedding Separate. And, two excuses to use your favorite wedding photos on cards 🙂

  2. Patricia m

    we got married august 25th and im doing the same thing with our thank you cards, just not sure about wording…

  3. Heather

    I actually think this is a great idea! I’ve been thinking of doing the same, but was on the fence after reading other posts calling this idea “unthoughtful” or “tacky.”
    But after coming across your post, I have made the decision to just combine my wedding thank you’s and holiday cards! I’ve never seen anyone do this before, but that’s what I love about it, it’s different and unique. And if done the right way (such as yours) I have no worries that it will come across as impersonal or tacky, instead I think and hope my guests love it!
    So thank you for helping me make my decision and putting me at ease with this idea as well. Good luck! Your card ideas and photos are beautiful by the way! And congrats 🙂

  4. Jessica L

    I was married in early Sept of this year and am considering doing the same thing. Do you have any specific links to combined thank you- Xmas cards? Thanks!

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