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10 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Infused DIY’s That Will Help You Make Today Special

DIY Glittery Block Puzzle Valentines

I cant get enough of these simple heart puzzle blocks!  Easy to make & perfect as that lil extra something decor wise or a fun gift all their own!  To make these glittery heart felt blocks, click HERE

carnation Fishline Garland

A sweet touch to any private Valentine’s Day Table for Two is strung Carnations on fishing line.  Use them as a backdrop or a curtain, ombre them in soft pinks or daring reds!

DIY Heart Mason Jar

Got a spare mason jar laying around?  Toss on some heart stickers & paint that little baby!  After you remove the heart stickers your left with a true heart felt impression.  Use it to simply hold something lovely or drop a tea light in to set the mood!  To see instructions, click HERE

Black Forest Pavlova

Now that we are starting to work up an appetite, I thought it would be a good time to mention my new dream dessert.  She’s lovely, a bit dark, & definitely mysterious, making her the best new Valentine’s Day Yummy Treat!  To sample this divine Black Forest Pavlova with Espresso Cream, click HERE 


Maybe some of these ideas are too bold for your test and passing a note between classes is more your style. Look no further then folding said note with neon winged messenger origami flair!  For folding instructions, click HERE

Paper punch heart garland

Got some to tie a heart on a string?  This sweet and simple paint swatch heart garland is the perfect thing to dress up any area that you’ve deemed the love tunnel!  For stringing instructions, click HERE

Baker’s Twine Heart

Ok boys, we have somehow managed to capture your attention, you know, last minute Vday and all, ok I kid, I kid!  But in all seriousness, the next 2 are seriously sweet Valentine’s Day gifts that will draw some mega coos out of your love, like this amazing hand made string heart.  Yes, from your hand, its Valentine’s Day, gotta step up your game!  For instructions, click HERE

Paper Form Golden Message Heart

Not so great with a hammer & string but still want to make something by hand for your love, why not try a paper form heart with a sultry message?!

Heart Balloon BLHDN

Ok ok, we get it!  Its last minute oooooor your not a big make things with your hand kinda person, no worries, we dont judge, we just bring, AWESOME!  Awesome like this amazing ‘Over The Moon’ Balloon by BHLDN.  She’ll cost ya  pretty penny, but you’ll thank us later, we promise!  To purchase, click HERE


Phew!  Well I dont know about you guys, but after all of this, I need a cocktail!  Really dazzle your love with a signature cocktail, something like this red fire Chandon Hibiscus Royale!  The simple touch of the Hibiscus flower is simply BEYOND!  You are sure to get some extra love just from this frosty beverage alone!  To become a mixologist, click HERE