14 Scrumptious Desserts To Revamp This Summer’s Wedding Dessert Bars

I have a sweet tooth.  Ok… I have a gnarly sweet tooth, like last food for life kind of sweet tooth.  I’d be lying if any time I went to any event, weddings included naturally, I wasn’t straining my neck just a bit to get a preview to what scrumptious treats were bound to  head my way.  When we got married, having a dessert bar to compliment our wedding cake wasn’t even a question, it was more like game on!  Whether your hunting for unique new treats for your very own dessert bar or looking to reinvent the wedding treat all together, I have assembled some truly drool worthy sweets to serve as inspiration.  As creativity gets stronger, inventive combinations brought together and the quality of product so much stronger, the possibilities are limitless and for that, I am ever so thankful!


Bacon Smores

Smore’s are all the rage these days, but what if you up the ante by cutting cute lil piggies out of your crackers and adding everyone’s favorite food, BACON!



Moonshine Doughnuts

Doughnuts have certainly gotten a renewed lease on life in the last 7 years or so & are becoming as adventurous & crave worthy as ever.  What happens when Grandma’s favorite treats gets a wee bit tipsy like these extra yummy moonshine doughnuts!



Sour cherry-pistachio mousse cake

Giant gorgeous wedding cakes we know, beautiful petite personalized little cakes made famous by the French…. we NEED to get to know like this decadent Sour Cherry-Pistachio Mousse Cake!



Blackberry Cream Pie

Pies are a major favorite every summer and why shouldn’t they be!  The key here is in the uniqueness like this refreshing Blackberry Cream Pie that is just a touch frozen which is perfection for those late summer weddings!



Amaretto-Soaked White Chocolate Cherries

Nibbles on the move are a true treat and we often forget smaller items when assembling dessert bars & sweets for weddings.  These Amaretto-Soaked White Chocolate Cherries  are perfection for grabbing a handful on the way to the dance floor!



Sea Salt Carmel Dipped Pears

While dipped fruit isn’t exactly the newest innovation, its the surge of foodies in the world who seek out quality goods like Himalayan Salt & velvety luxe carmels that are truly making for some beyond dreamy dipped treats nowadays like these Sea Salt Carmel Dipped Pears.



Pancake Hors d'Oeuvres

I come from the school of breakfast anytime and with their thin friends crepes getting their day, why shouldn’t mini pancakes share in the fun too!  There is literally a limitless amount of toppings and combos, so go nuts!



Peach Tart

True rustic thin fruit tarts {we’re not talking about their cream heavy counterparts!} are a real unsung hero these days especially extra dreamy ones like this wonderfully flaky delicious treat of a Peach Tart.  Tell me this baby won’t bring the oooooh’s and ahhhh’s!



Ginger-and-Mint Lime Floats

Ok you could technically file this one under cheating, as its not a ‘solid’ literal food, but much like their foodie friends, the dipped fruits, liquid desserts with unique ingredients are becoming all kinds of fashionable, refreshing & wonderfully enjoyable like this Ginger & Mint Lime Float!



Caramelized Phyllo and Pumpkin Marshmallow Napoleons

Light airy and all kinds of orgasmic in your mouth, while we always seem to make an effort to make down home foods the ‘IT’ food, lets not forget about our highly trained culinary friends who can bring it in ways you don’t even know like this flaky creamy Caramelized Phyllo and Pumpkin Marshmallow Napoleons.



Blackberry-Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches with Pistachio Shortbread

Here is another treat that has really benefited from the surge of great products leading to adventurous creations.  The new ice cream sandwich has a wardrobe full of gorgeous frocks just waiting to be shared like this adult favorite Blackberry Lemon Ice Cream Sandwiches with Pistachio Shortbread!



Milk pudding with labne, apricot and Turkish fairy floss

Looking for some real attention getting sweets that are just as awe-inspiring as any of the decor you’ll put together?!  This unique treat of Milk Pudding with Labne, Apricot & Turkish Fairy Floss is a way to bring a whole new angle to your game!



Peanut Butter Cookies with Melted Carmel Filling

The argument could be made that I have doubled downed on cookies, but the reality is that I am appealing to the inner kid in you who always loved a good ooey gooey treat!   I mean come on, who doesnt love the heavenly surprises that await in something already tasty in the form of dripping carmel like these Brown Butter Cookies with Melted Carmel cookies!



Black Forest Pavlova

Much like Madonna, this crispy sweet only needs one name and anything you use to add to its flavors is simply the cherry on top.  Crafted into awe-worthy perfection, this Black Forest Pavlova is the stuff my dreams are made of and a true old school treat that is ready for its next round of popularity!