9 Fresh Looks At Fall Decor

Oy.  Yup you heard me right, Oy!  Its true, I am starting this post off with Oy… why?  I have a bone to pick with the world’s opinion/version of what fall decor is.  Just about everywhere you look for inspiration your inundated with pumpkins, pumpkins made of non-pumpkin material, candy corn, burlap and dried out something or other.  I mean yes I get it, these are hallmark elements to the season, but coooooome on, that isn’t allllll that there is.  Its sort of a funny comment to make, but its major season changes and upcoming holidays that drive me the most batty about my Pinterest feed, the place where I am hit with the most consistent visual stimulus.  Hand to God it goes like this right now….  oh look a new bit of junk food with candy corn as the highlight, color palette’s based on what else, pumpkins & gourds of course, oh…oh whats that something else with gourds….  ah huh, oh and dont forget out right pumpkins, pumpkins that are painted, covered in lace and most certainly always glitterfied.  Do I sound cynical?  Sorry, I really don’t mean it and I do love myself traditional holiday inspiration, I am just saying, there has to be more, right?!  My answer is yes and so I have put together a fall, harvest even, inspiration gallery featuring fall decor and fall table settings that sure, might have a pumpkin or two as an accent, but the focus is something else entirely!  Whether you are looking to be inspired for a fall wedding or simply a fall dinner party, there are some truly lovely harvest style ways to put your autumn mark on things!


Milk Pitcher Pheasant Feathers Pheasant Feather Fall Table Setting Pheasant feather and twig centerpiece

{Unknown, Focal Point Styling, House Beautiful

There is something so wonderfully spot on for me when it comes to this time of year and pheasant feathers.  To me they are majestic and captivating.  These long plumbs are fall harvest perfection and pretty much a must when working out any great fall decor.  Stack them by the handful in milk jugs or delicately intermix in large mouth vases filled with long branch twigs, either way, divine!


Golden Summer Fall Wedding Bridesmaid Bouquet of Lavender Coral Peach Larkspur and Wheat Lavender and wheat bouquet

{Etsy, Unknown} 

During this time of the year we’re never going to out right escape some classics, like dried wheat, nor am I saying that we would, what I am saying however is a simply injection of stems with petite blooms provide the perfect color pop to keep something from looking like you snagged it right off a barren land and more into a thoughtful harvest honoring arrangement!


Indigo Gauze Linen Tablecloth 1 Indigo Gauze Linen Tablecloth

{Crate & Barrel} 

Please please I beg of you!!  When working through your fall decor and fall color palettes, dont forget there are other gorgeous earth honoring hues like rich indigo!  This linen tablecloth from Crate & Barrel is a gorgeous organic example of a lighter indigo hue playful woven with a more structured yet organic linear feel.  The result, a cloth that has a gorgeous homespun feel!


Fall harvest wedding bouquet Kiss of orange fall wedding bouquet

{Intimate Weddings, Style Me Pretty}

Whether your literally looking for fall decor for your wedding, or simply looking for stunning fall floral arrangements, these are 2 beautiful examples that honor the season without diving headfirst into drunken orange world.  Kisses of soft orange hues & gentle warm blush tones are the foundation for these otherwise more neutral based arrangements.  Details like golden twine & crisp fall greens give us that warm fall feel.


Overflowing Fall Centerpiece Fall Flower Arrangement with Pheasant Feathers

{Wedding Chicks, Design Sponge

The secret here is in the quantity.  Overflowing floral arrangements work so damn well this time of year as they represent what fall in the truest of spirit.  Fall time, harvest time, a gathering and accumulating of all your supplies, an overflow of goodies.  Floral arrangements that almost literally can not contain themselves, draping and falling all over themselves are the floral equivalent of a cornucopia!  Ps- speckled eggs like in the Design Sponge arrangement, a TOTAL fall decor home run!!


Glitter Leave Garland ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

{Decor Envy, 52 Souluo

Leaves, leaves and more leaves, these guys are everywhere!  Why not use natures throw aways to your fall decor advantage!  Grab full size gorgeous ones that you love and glitterify them, or use paper punchers to cut shapes out of them making for some truly biodegradable funfetti!


Neutral tone fall harvest pumpkin vase

{U Create Crafts} 


I wanted to hate on this, I really really did…. but the more I looked it at, the more I couldn’t.  Want to know why?  Its the colors and sophistication, yup sophistication there is such a thing when it comes to a pumpkin vase apparently!  By working with a more neutral warm harvest tone overall, what could have easily been just another cheesy way to use a pumpkin in fall decor, becomes an elevated arrangement featuring beautiful brown sunflowers and a fave of mine of course, pheasant feathers!  Take notes my fall brides, this is a slam dunk fall wedding flower arrangement.


Quail Plate exotic pheasant feather plates Hare plates

{Pottery Barn, Newly Wish

Honestly if I could, I would just buy amazing plates for everything.  I adore plates, they provide a wonderful almost unspoken world of creative value that compares to just about none.  If your budget allows, working with beautiful dinnerware that truly embodies the season, well, you can never go wrong.  Certain animals tend to evoke fall feelings, like quails & hares.  Can you swoon over plates… I think I am….


               Speckled Eggs Bowl Speckled Eggs

{The Inspired Room, Unknown}

Ahhhhhhh speckled eggs…  Quite possibly my very next favorite right under pheasant feathers.  There is just something about them, they have that ‘IT’ factor.  The random organic creation of the speckles, the soft earthy hues they come in, they are just magic.  Add them here and there to provide the perfect warm organic pop to any fall decor set!