Why It Works Wednesday: 9 Terrariums That Are Prime For The Centerpiece Spotlight

Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

I have to say the ‘F’ word guys, so please forgive me….   its almost fall….  Eek I know but like all things its getting close to the time where we move into a more earthy harvest type feel.  Pretty much everyone is in love with succulents anymore, using them in everything from bouquets to centerpieces to escort cards, they have emerged as the earth friendly calling card of the wedding world.  While their place is firmly cemented, there are arrangements that are gaining in popularity as well, even featuring a succulent or two, that are truly magical… terrariums.  Otherwise known as self contained little worlds, terrariums are uniquely cool thanks to their invisible barrier wall that allows a peek into a natural setting.  Mixes of moss, stones, sand, succulents, air plants and so forth are placed together creating something beyond lovely.  They work so damn well thanks to their view into something that we are otherwise not exposed to, the layers of earthy & green that make up our natural world.  Naturally terrariums evoke a warm earthy organic feel but they also have an element of whimsy working for them.  While the idea of a terrarium alone is intriguing, what is used to capture them & craft these worlds in can be just as big of a conversation starter.  Pops of color, coffee press containers, even suspended from the air, there are some wonderfully fun and cool ways to play with terrariums, making them prime for the wedding spotlight in both decor & conversation starting centerpieces!  Be inspired by this collection of playful terrariums, from what they are comprised of to what contains them, my personal favorite being the french press coffee maker!

Pop of Color Desert Terrarium

 {Cambrian Co.}


Lantern Terrarium

 {We Live The Given Life}


Tall Drop Terrarium Terrain





French Press Terrarium

  {1001 gardens}


Brooklyn Botanical Garden Tall Terrarium Centerpiece Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design


{Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design}



Mountain View Terrarium Terrain





pyramid terrarium

 {the urban pig}

Teak House Terrarium Terrain





Dewdrop Hanging Planter Terrarium

{Etsy via theZenSucculent}