9 Wedding Trends That Need To Give It Up To The New Cool Kids In Class

Trends can be tricky, in any world.  As Ms. Klum put it best, “One Day You’re In, The Next Day You’re Out!”  It seems that when it comes to wedding trends, the length of stay can become a bit exaggerated, rinse & repeating for an almost forever like period of time.  As someone who flits through weddings on a daily basis, I’ve seen more then my share of repeaters and as such, want to inspire a new round of hot tamale trends that will help to break the mold into a new cycle of wedding hotness!  Now don’t get me wrong, any trend that ever existed had a right to be there and anything that was indeed a trend was so because it was popular & appreciated.  In no way am I saying any of these are ugly or unworthy, rather I am simply offering a fresh take, & a new look!


1. Ceremony Seating

Mixed Furniture Ceremony Seating

{Ruffled, Style Me Pretty}

While the folding chair will always have its place, there is something truly magical about gobs of amazing mix matched indoor furniture brought outside to create the most amazing of parlor seating for ceremonys!


2. Cocktail Hour Nibbles

Traveling Cocktail Food

{Unknown, Storyboard Wedding}

Rather then your typical passed hors d’oeuvres, when available, opt for the new cool kids like traveling oyster shuckers, food trucks, & personally sliced prosciutto for example!


3. Flowers For The Table

Suspended Centerpieces

{Southern Weddings, Storyboard Wedding}

Tall centerpieces, especially when amazingly done, will always have a place in my heart, but I seriously have to give it up to their trapeze counterparts in the completely awe inspiring suspended centerpieces!


4. Photographic Guest Book

Polaroid Guest Book

{Unknown, Style Me Pretty}

While the idea of finger printing your guests at your wedding is an interesting CSI spin off, giving your guest free rein to create unique personalized memories in the form of polaroids & handwritten messages is something that will bring a smile to your face for a lifetime!


5. Candid Shots

Candid Bridal Party Shot

{Storyboard Wedding, Style Me Pretty

Let’s face it, being a model is hard ya’ll!!  Even though we don’t mean to, when we’re told to line up for a photo, we immediately go into rigged tree mode no matter how hard we try not to.  Candid walking shots are a total breath of fresh air that allow our natural personalities to come out & capture the real moments in between!


6. Signature Sweets

Naked Wedding Cakes

{Le Cupcake, Storyboard Wedding

I love cupcakes as much as the next guy, {ok perhaps way way more, but I digress…}, but lets be honest here, the cupcake stand has had its day, non?  Love the raw spongey cake look with all the goodness of unique frostings & various accouterments?  Naked cakes offer the unique textures that come with cupcakes while toying with our childlike whimsy of getting to see all the good stuff on the inside…. oh and they are down right gorgeous to look at!


7. Seating Signage 

Seating Signage

{Unknown, Etsy

We get it, 2 families are merging, we’re all friends here.  While once upon a time where you sat at a wedding truly meant something, nowadays that tradition has faded into the background.  In reality, there isn’t really a need to tell your guests were to sit, but if you feel the need for a little extra something in the decor department, a great idea is a simple sweet sit where you desire style message.


8. Freeing Up The Kids 

Balloon Flower Girl

{Unknown, Snippet & Ink

While its tempting to continue to have the special little ones at your wedding become walking billboards for your arrival, instead allow them to be the youthful spirits that they are with fun touches like oversized balloons!


9.  Reclaiming The Tables

Wood Wedding Tables

{Style Me Pretty, Kaella Lynn Events

Traditional reception table setups, complete with their starched linens & napkins, will never fully leave us nor should they.  However, reclaimed & farm wood tables are an utterly divine alternative.  Furniture is art and at times otherworldly amazing, why not let those gorgeous designs & finishes work for you, heck it may even end up lightening your rental budget in the end!


So do tell, which of the old school trends are you  not quite yet ready to let go of?  Which of the new kids are your favorites?!  I have so many favorites, but like a good parent, I won’t say which my favorite child is.  I hope these 9 wedding trends leave you inspired and ready to knock out some great pieces to your day!