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Hello there!  My name is Jessica {Poole} Hardy & once upon a time, I too was a bride.  As I traveled down the wedding planning road I came to realize… Hey I actually kinda like this stuff!  Stemming from my background in photography, I have a real pension for things visually striking, especially those with great elements of design.  After going through the ringer with our own wedding, I wasn’t quite ready to let it all go!   Something else that came out of the planning process was an idea for a visual planning tool to help all future brides to be.  While the tool isn’t ready for public eyes just yet, it won’t be too much longer now!

So what can you except from Storyboard Wedding?  My goal is to create a world that strives to inspire brides through featuring Real Weddings, Styled Shoots from top vendors, DIY Projects that can be applied to all fetes, in depth chats with top vendors, guest posts from some of the top bloggers around, advice that will help on the big day & all things leading to it as well as all things in between.  As I say, Inspirationsensation!

If you’re curious about the ‘who’ part of who I am, well let’s see shall we!  I am Pittsburgh born {ok more like 45 min east of it},  a massive Steelers fan { We all come stock that way in Western PA} ,& grew up on a farm with one little sister who is also one of my closest friends though it wasn’t always that way!  After hanging out in Miami for 2 years, I moved up to New York permanently, spending over 11 years in Manhattan, before heading up to Westchester where I am today.  The hubs and I {married in 2010, literally the day before Hurricane Irene!}  have a fur baby {a Catahoula named Truffle} who is an amazing cuddler, but totally crazy pants.  I play dodgeball {YES dodgeball} with some of my closest lifelong friends.  I have a pretty bold personality but will always do my best to go for the laugh!  I love fashion, am currently in love with rustic industrial home design & above all, love spending time at the Hardy Family home in Stowe Vermont.


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Birchgrove Bakery 4 Tier Sprinkle Bow CakeIts hard to quantify the reach of something that has gone viral.  While we can track things to a certain degree, once they become so far removed from us, it is almost as if the possibilities are endless!  The image on the right is a photo I took, for THIS post, of what has now been dubbed ‘The Sprinkle Cake of Pinterest’.  This image, along with a full length view of the cake, has been repinned over 94,000 times & that is a stat simply from the blog post itself.  It is near impossible to quantify the amount of repins, tumbles, blog posts and so forth that have sprung up once the post went live, but it is safe to say, we have defiantly gone…Viral