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{SBW Blind Feature} An Outdoor Wooded Theater Lover’s Session With All The Personality In The World

I hate to use words like adorable, cute, and sweet to describe this shoot as they seem so unfortunately trite & trust me that that is that last thing I am thinking of when it comes to this completely fantastic couple’s session!  Lorel & Sean met one another while studying acting at Vancouver Film School.  What was a quick best friend relationship ultimately jumped to the next level when Sean realized he wanted something bigger & even better with Lorel!  Once these best friends realized they were well more then friends, the fireworks really started!  When I heard their story & saw this amazing session, I knew they would be perfect for a blind feature!

*Note from Emmy Lou Virginia on how the design for the shoot came out: “Because the movies and acting are such an intrinsic part of their love story, we came up with the concept of doing an outdoors movie-themed shoot. We headed to Stanley Park, used blankets as stage curtains (remembering how it was to be kids, putting on a show for our parents in the living room) and brought along Hawkins cheesies and popcorn and 5-cent candies, since all of those things are integral elements of their relationship. And then I started taking photos, and wow – did these film school students put on a show! They are just naturally the sweetest, most in-love couple – and they are incredibly fun to photograph!”

Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_1-h Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_2-h

What was the moment you realized you loved Lorel {Sean}?

Lorel: “I have always loved sean even when we were friends, but the moment I realized I was “IN LOVE” with him was when we were tandem biking in stanley park he just made me laugh soooo incredibly hard and took my hand when I was scared and when my Iphone broke I was not even upset because I broke it in the most adventurous way. Sean always tries to do what is best for both of us, and takes care of me and my feelings, he makes my life a bit easier and I try to do the same for him. Love is grand!”

Sean: “The moment I realized I love Lorel, came out by accident, haha… My memory is a bit foggy, but I remember saying “I love you” by accident during a conversation we had. Then she said she loved me too. I guess this awesome friendship we have is full of exciting surprises that catch me off guard in beautiful ways:) The soul knows when it’s in love and it just took one moment of me not fully realizing that the words “I love you” were coming out of my mouth to know that I really do love her.”


For a while you and Sean were just friends, what was your initial reaction when he finally told you he had deeper feelings for you?

Lorel: “When we were just friends life was pretty good, I always felt comfortable and really easy with Sean, when he told me he had deeper feelings it clicked inside of my heart that maybe I did too, I mean why not marry or date your best friend?”

Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_4-lv Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_4-rv Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_5-h

We hear you & Lorel were Bff’s until one day you realized you wanted more! What was it like to gear up the courage to tell her?

Sean: “Hmm, good question, I remember the thought of us being more than friends was really awkward at the time, haha. I didn’t realize how much feelings I had for her until 5 minutes before I told her I liked her more than a friend. It completely caught me off guard. It was a burst of energy and suddenly I realized: “I think I’m falling for her… What? Whoa! Ok, I’m going to see if she feels the same way” and she did 🙂 We are still best friends up till this day!”

Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_6-h Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_7-h

Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_8-h Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_9-v

We hear you guys have a deep love of all things acting, if your favorite movie was to be remade, with you in  it, what movie would it be & which character would you play?

Sean: “My favorite movie is The Matrix, awesome movie, really good writing and original story. I’m not sure I would be the best fit to play Neo, but it would be sweet! Because you get to be “the one”… Who doesn’t want to be “the one”? Everyone wants to be “the one” and get to learn martial arts to fight crazy strong agents. I just think it would be an amazing movie to be a part of.”

Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_10-h Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_11-h Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_12-h

We hear you guys have a deep love of all things acting, if your favorite movie was to be remade, with you in  it, what movie would it be & which character would you play?

Lorel: “My favorite movie happens to be Breakfast at Tiffanys , and naturally I would be Holly Golightly. If I think of the story line it is much like Sean and my relationship, her and Fred were friends from the beginning even having sleep overs with long conversations but they dated other people while this was going on, then one day when Holly loses her Cat , Fred helps her find it and they have a romantic kiss in the rain. Yes we were friends and yes I have two cats, maybe our romantic kiss was not in the rain but it was romantic and very exciting kissing my friend Sean.”

Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_13-lv Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_13-rv Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_14-v Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_15-h

What is your favorite feature, physical or personality trait, about Lorel {Sean} that you love the best & why?

Lorel: “My favourite part about sean is his quirky goofy side, he always is in the mood to have fun, and knows me inside and out. We pretend to be little kids all the time and play games and tickle each other, I know it is quite dorky but I just love that  he is himself with me, and we always surprise each other so that is fun. As well his eyes and scrunchyness to them just draw me in, I could look in them all day. I am blessed to be his :)”

Sean: “The thing I love most about Lorel is her loyalty, encouraging nature, and unending support. She has shared herself with me, encouraging me to live a more purposeful life for the things that really matter, such as faith, family, and friendship. It is such a blessing to have a woman like her in this day and age. She always makes my day by the goofy things she says and heartfelt at the same time. Lorel is such a light and always looks for ways to show me that she loves me. These amazing inner attributes are complimented by her amazing smile and striking red hair. I love her long red hair, and her smile and laugh make me laugh and smile, she is beautiful.

Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_16-h Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_17-h Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_18-lv Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_18-rv

The outdoor stage setup for the shoot is totally fun, how did you feel when you saw the set up & knew it was time to play?

Lorel: “Haha the outdoor set up was something we all collaborated with and brought stuff to help build the stage. It is always like being a child when I am with Sean he brings creativity and my imagination out. As well the photographer is a great friend and she is always fun to shoot with , so we know its time to wear our little kid clothes and bright colors when we are with her. We had tones of fun and it was really quite natural, we are big goof balls if you hand’t noticed.”


When you think back to the shoot, what was your favorite moment and why?

Lorel: “The shoot altogether was awesome, even despite being cold in my little yellow dress. But my favourite part was throwing pop corn and eating the cheeses, I missed every time trying to get the pop corn in my mouth , even though I had a big target. As well running through a forest is always fun and of course playing dress up :)”

Sean: “Favorite moment of the shoot would be running with Lorel through the woods. That’s our life, running through this beautiful life and meeting different obstacles and adventures along the way. Haha, cheesy, I know, but true :)”

Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_20-h Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_21-h Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_22-h Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_23-lv Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_23-rv

How would you describe both of your personal styles?

Sean: “Personal styles? Hmm, that’s tough to say, because I feel like we are all over the map at times, but if I had to say I would think I’m pretty laid back and easy going about things. I love growing as an individual and getting into deep conversation and connection with people. I also am a dreamer, I want to live in Europe some day, and be a travel videographer or something, haha! I’m an actor, video-editor, videographer, and delve into designer, animation, and art. My work is never the same, my life is so different from one week to the next and it’s a blast! Lorel is very ambitious with her own business taking care of children and working full time as a nanny. She is hardworking, family oriented, adventurous, and plans for lots of traveling. She is a bit old fashioned, fifties housewife style, hehe, I’d say she loves planning for her (our) future. Someday taking our (future) children to Disney Land and going on awesome red converse road trips, we love red converse shoes. She is super friendly and cares about people, loves children, smiling, and also loves spontaneous dates, tickle fights, guitar playing and random skipping down the street. Its safe to say we both love to play in this world and she is the perfect partner to do that with :)”

Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_24-h Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_25-lv Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_25-rv Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_26-h Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_27-h Wood_Theater_Engagement_Session_Emmy_lou_Virginia_28-v

 *All Photographs by Emmy Lou Virginia