Angel Sanchez Spring 2017 Bridal Collection

During each bridal market there is one designer who I am eager to see most above the others.  This designer is, in every possible best way, the outlier.  With a background in architecture, his designs always play by their own set of rules, rules that trickle down to unique fabric choices, structure and pattern creation.  An Angel Sanchez wedding dress is easily one of the more identifiable gowns from afar, almost never confused for anyone’s else design.  Angel Sanchez’s Spring 2017 Bridal Collection was inspired by a spring morning, as such, toying with pale blues in places that echo the early morning sky.  What I always love to see about an Angel Sanchez wedding dress however is what unique details he will conceive of that create something otherworldly.  In his spring 2017 collection there were one element I could not get enough of, what I will lovingly refer to as puzzle piece designs. These line breaks that created either the bodice of a sheer long sleeve wedding dress or those that made up the paisley teardrop sheer back of another, it is a detail point uniquely Angel.  My favorite above all however is the very last dress shown below.  An Angel Sanchez wedding dress that, when seen in person, was literally everything.  A high neckline of the Victorian era, a full wholly regal skirt, all complimented by sheer long sleeves, it is truly a dream.


*All Photographs by Conrado Veliz