Santa Rosa Beach, Florida based wedding photographer Hello Miss Lovely, has just enchanted me and believe me when I say that’s no easy task.  As I am sure you’ve noticed I have raised my picky level when it comes to engagement photo sessions, opting out of the traditional & into those heavy on style & flair.  When HML gifted me {certainly feels like a gift!} with Kristina Patton & Kevin Frazier’s Atlanta session, I couldn’t wait to share it!  The theme in mind was a fun day in their lives, everything from stalking around the great outdoors, cooling off with a Popsicle race in a food park filled with airstream trailers, to grabbing a set of oversized balloons and heading to Piedmont Park for some sunset lovin.  Each moment is graciously captured with a wonderfully artful eye, beautifully enhanced to create independent stills all on their own.  Viewed as a set, the mix of deep soulful black & whites intermixed with color take on a Technicolor pop like feel…. Think Pleasantville at about the place in the film where the black & white and modern color world collide.  Naturally Kristina & Kevin’s obvious connection & joie de vivre make everything possible, and I must say I love everything about the simple shot of just Kristina, in full ruffle skirt, gently twirling in a slightly blurry world, while holding a singular oversized balloon.  It’s the little kid in my, but my oh my how I love it all!



*All Photographs by Hello Miss Lovely