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Australian Blue Mountains Play Host To A Vintage Travel Inspired Engagement Session With 1920’s Flare

I love the Aussies for a multitude of reasons, from their awesome personalities to their extraordinary confidence, both of which are fully on display in this really well executed themed engagement session from Hilary Cam Photography.  As a crew, they headed out into the Blue Mountains of Australia, a lovely untouched oasis of a playground when it comes to photographic moments.  Beautifully styled in 1920’s era grab, our couple emulates a true sense of a time long ago, all the while very much captivated by each other’s love.  The end result is a really lovely day come night session with perfectly crafted retro flare & vintage love!


Note from Hilary Cam Photography:

Meet Ben & Bianca, they wanted to do something different for their pre wedding. Inspired by the 1920s, the Great Gatsby and flapper dancers they pulled together a fantastic vintage theme for their engagement shoot. The pre wedding is shot in the Blue Mountains around an old abandoned sandstone mansion.

Together we like driving to the middle of no-where, walking where the car won’t drive for a photographic adventure. The sun had set by the end of the shoot and we had to hike back to the cars in pitch dark, through overgrown muddy trails.

Fun? We think so!


*All Photographs by Hilary Cam Photography Sydney