Why It Works Wednesday: BHLDNs Tallulah Wedding Dress

Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

There is a certain wedding dress that I pinned recently, above all the others, that has garnered the most click through activity.  What I  mean to say is that the attraction to this particular dress has gone far beyond simply repinning something lovely.  Those viewing the wedding dress are so intrigued by the design, that they are actually heading over to the site that it came from.  The dress I am speaking of is BHLDN’s Tallulah Gown .

Before we get into why it is that this gorgeous gown from Catherine Deane is so appealing, lets chat about the basics shall we?  The wedding dress is fashioned in flowing silk styled in a manner, as BHLDN puts it, of regal antiquity with the dress meant to skim the floor.  Crystal detailing adorns the wedding gown in the form of a non-removable Diamante belt & sheer cap sleeves & back.

BHLDN Tallulah Gown BHLDN Tallulah Gown Back

 BHLDN’s Tallulah Gown

I sat and thought about why this dress, among so many others, why was this one so popular to the point that people wanted to know more?  I should mention that the image pinned was the one on the left, that of the front  of the dress, only alluding to the detail that lays behind. Could that have been it, was the promise of more too great and one simply had to click to know?  The more I sat with the image, the more it hit me.  I know, at least part of the reason, why this dress has gotten the attention that it does.  There is a stigma that comes with this word, but believe me when I say it I mean it as the highest of compliment, there is an accessibility about the design.

It is glamorous, it is chic, it is certainly regal in spirit.  There is however, something about this particular design, a certain je ne sais quoi to it, that is accessible & in the viewer’s mind transforms into ‘I could totally see myself in this’ ‘I could totally pull something like this off’.  From the front facing image, the design has that perfect balance of femininity & romance, in a form fitting, yet totally flowy way.  The silhouette is another reason that I feel women are gravitating toward this design.  It embraces the body without showcasing every little piece to it, some might even call it a forgiving design in that regard.  I believe this to be another reason for its attraction, the breathing room if you will.  We get so caught up over how we look & feel, the promise of a wedding dress which we wear on the biggest day of your life, that has your back, well, thats a pretty sexy thing, non?!   Judging by the sheer amount of clicks that have gone from this one simple pin to BHLDN, I’d imagine some combo of the promise of an amazing back & the accessibility to the design, to be the reason.

BHLDN Tallulah Gown Back Detail

The reason that I pinned this dress to start off with however, was this otherworldly amazing back to the gown.  The open lattice work crystal detail back & cap sleeves are wonderfully beyond!  The design reminds me of fresh dew, caught in the sun, of an intricately woven spider’s web.  There has been a really beautiful push lately toward the backs of gowns, be them completely open, flirting with back cleavage or sheer with detailing, each divine in their own right.  For me with BHLDN’s Tallulah Gown, its the pattern the crystals create and more over the cap sleeves.  We simply do not see cap sleeves enough and I must say, I am simply mad about them on this wedding dress!  Tallulah is so perfectly feminine & beautifully romantic, there really are many reasons for its attraction.  For me it was always about THAT.BACK. which I knew about from the start, others didn’t until they clicked through.  No matter the reason for the attention, its well deserved & a wedding gown that women should embrace as the beauty that it is!