Draped outdoor ceremony spot with chandliers *Photo by Turtle Pond Photography

Let’s all just take a moment to really soak in the beauty of what we are looking at here….       Ok, caught your breathe yet?  When I came across this gem, thanks to Calligraphy by Jennifer, I literally felt a bit like I got the wind knocked out of me!

As regards my own personal wedding, I feel we really delivered one hell of a wedding that was styled to the T.  Therefore there really arent many other weddings that I….well….get jealous of.  Then I saw this….Hot Damn that entire ceremony spot/set up is AMAZING.  Let’s chat about why this set up delivers such an impactful punch shall we!

Ok first things first, yes, its on a gorgeous hill over looking some lush greenery, and granted the wonderful vaulted dome pavilion wasnt exactly something erected just for this purpose but hey, if you got it, use it!  However, like any space, if you cant imagine it, if you cant design it, your going to be hard pressed to create it!  Whomever was the designing mind behind this arresting spot…. your amazing. (Ps-If anyone knows who designed this, please let me know, I definitely want to give them the credit!)

Your eye is immediately captured by the draping of the fabric spread wide along the top, pulled together & fastened with gorgeous varying whites flowers.  If you then allow that fabric to flow down the columns, you have the beginning frame for breathe taking drama.  Complement those gorgeous whites with a well manicured rose petal aisle, and simple white poms on your guests chairs.  Then give the eye something simple and organic to rest on using a strong walnut table.

But hold on….  We aren’t done yet.  Oh no, not at all.  Dear friends, please take a seat, as if you dont, you simply may faint from the beauty!  Chandeliers take center stage in this well designed ceremony spot.  Not 1, but 3.  Perhaps what I love most of all is a detail that you may not notice, even if you look upon the image for a while.  Its the attention to detail that gets me.  Oh what detail might that be?  Look at the main chandelier again.  See it yet?  You probably looked right over it, as we take for granted the simple fact that chandeliers hang.  But they surely dont hang on fabric!  The stylist was complete enough in their creation to want to go the extra step & disguise the chain used for hanging that lovely piece!  Its the total package, plain and simple.

Yeah…. I am jealous of this one.  Its true.  Its simply beyond.  In a way though I am almost glad I didn’t get married here, as I think I would have for sure been instant water works.  Its just one of those places.  There’s magic in that dome…

*Update 4/5/12

I finally have an update as to who the wonderful team is that created this lovely site!  Here are the very skilled vendors:

Venue: Pelican Hill, Orange County, CA
Florist: Empty Vase
Rentals & Draping: Fiori Fresco Special Events

As a side note, this particular image has over 700 repins on Pinterest!  It seems that this ceremony spot has stopped many a heart as it were!  Phew!!