Once you get engaged, pretty quickly there after all the wedding related questions start to flow.   One question that no bride can avoid is…dan dan dah!!  What are your wedding colors?  It’s a constant question no matter what kind of bride you are, much the same way what you do for work always seems to get asked.  Color is a super important key part of a wedding, but I must admit, I have one…small…gripe.  Often times I think brides feel (or maybe it doesn’t occur to them) they can only select one single color and there by create… the monochromatic wedding.  Now there isn’t a thing wrong with that if that is really what you want, but I’d like to open your eyes to pops of color & introduce you to my personal BFF, the wedding palette!

Why choose just one color when so many ultra vivid hues vibe perfectly together in harmony.  Think of it this way, ever go to paint a room in your house and hunt for that perfect color?  You stumble onto a paint supply site and are then confronted with not only your main choice of color, but complimentary accent colors?  A wedding palette is at heart, the same thing.  You can blend together amazing colors, colors you never really considered that worked together, to create a breath taking moment.  Let’s be honest, we are all trying to create heart stopping moments with our wedding days, aren’t we??

So fine, now I have your ear regarding various colors in a wedding, but how you’re asking, how do I create a palette, how do I get inspired?  Oh there are so very many delicious places for inspiration!  Photography of nature, imagery of the latest fashions, mouth watering pictures of food, yes food, and so much more, can supply the simplest & most captivating palettes.  Don’t believe me, watch this J

I’m gonna pump the breaks for one tiny second here, I know I know, I juuuust got you all interested but this is important, promise.  There is one small key element to making color beyond powerful that I also don’t think many brides realize….texture.  Why texture?  Simply put, light reflects, dances & moves in the most interesting of ways depending on what it is hitting.  Various textures can bring a hue to life, or politely tone it down where needed.  The right material, right accents can be so damn powerful when it comes to color.

So lets have a look shall we at some inspiration and the palettes you can pull from them to really bring home the most amazing day.

Perfect Peach, Soft Green, White Washed White, Leaf Green, Burgundy Pop

This photo is the perfect place to slide us into our study of color theory!  Look how incredibly harmonious these pastel colors work together!  Don’t you just feel a sense of calm when looking at this photo!  So how to apply right?  Bridesmaid dresses of soft green, pale peach or even muted light grays.  Toss in accents of those very colors in their shoes, hair accessories, etc, to start to tie it together.  I envision tables with soft light gray linens, mint chargers, vintage lightly worn silverware, peach napkins or bread plates.  For the floral arrangements I see thick full creamy garden roses with young ivy vines & peach colored berries.  I might even go as so far as to actually incorporate real peaches into my table scape which would bring an earthy organic feel.  If you notice, there is a burgundy pop in the tea cup at the top, I can totally see small well placed drops of Burgundy being used around the room for smaller more accent elements of décor, even worked into centerpieces or table numbers!  Are you starting to get the picture?!


Sharp Purple, Rich Green, Neutral Gray, Blue Accents Electric Purple, Turquoise, Beige, BlackNow lets really get into it shall we.  What about a much stronger color palette?  Here again its really personal taste.  The dresses your bridemaids where, will indeed be a focal point and interpreted as your main color, so choose which color works best for that reason, for you.  The rest of the colors are icing on the cake if you will.  For fun, lets go with Turquoise/Teal BM dresses, sharp purple sashes or accessories, maybe even a splash of metallic silvers.  I love the idea of a lush deep green cake, accented with a mixed bag of icing colors of purple & turquoise then placed in a ruffle effect on the cake layers creating a look similar to the 2 differing chiffons over one another in the dress.  Having fun playing with color yet?!


Dirty Purple, Faded Pink, Cream, Red Pop Mint Green, White, English Pea GreenBut what if you really want to keep to one color?  Ok no worries, Ombre it out!  Go with various items in differing tonal ranges of the color that you’ve fallen for.  Shades of the same color bring their own harmony and compliment the others while still being very interesting!  Word of advice though, be careful as you combine, some shades of a color do not always play nice with others.  Look at them as a group before going full steam ahead.


Texture Driven Black, Pop of White, Brown, Peach



Remember when I remarked about texture and how texture can really define a color?  Case and point right here.  Yes, in principle the colors are black, white , brown & pop of peach, but come on!  With the sheerness of the blouse that brings a muted black & the absolute smack in the face of light bounce that is the black sequins, how can you not rethink a stunning black & white wedding with a metallic peachy bronze pop!  This is defiantly one look that could easily hold a strong black and white print such as a damask or even yes, animal!  I think I just swooned!




Muted Rainbow, Cream, Sky Blue


This image could actually take you to a lot of places, but for the purpose of this post & exemplification of my imagination I bring you…. FLORAL!  Oh yes, floral.  I absolutely love floral bridesmaid dresses!  Soft floral, small flower pattern would be absolutely stunning!  Creamy dreamy peonies would play up perfectly to the soft milky whites for bouquets.  How adorable would mix matched muted plates in a variety of soft colors be for dinner?!  Any bride loving the idea of a rainbow wedding, but finding it not quite chic enough for them, should really consider this as an option.



I hope I gave you some great things to think about concerning the colors of your wedding!  They are a very important and defining part of your day and an area you should absolutely have the most fun with!  I highly suggest color palettes & using day to day captivating photographs to inspire you to hand craft your dream wedding.  I have included a few more wonderful inspiration photos below to hopefully stir your inner hue diva.  If you have any questions, want further clarification, or suggestions, by all means, please ask!

Coral Pink, Cyan Blue, Deep Wood Brown  Metallic Gold, Egg Shell White, Icey Blue Steel, Bronze  Pale Pinks & Metallic Gold