Engagement Photos

Colorado High School Sweetheart Ice Skating Engagement Session

There is something a little extra romantic about the idea of going ice skating with your love.  Perhaps the idea plays on the old school nostalgia that we feel when we think of wintry dates so very  long ago!  Factor genuine high school sweethearts into the equation and you have the makings of one super sweet ice skating engagement session photographed by Colorado wedding photographer KB Digital Designs.  Katie Dery & Austin Long headed out to their local outdoor ice rink, armed with hot cocoa to stay warm, and playfully had a go at a smitten ice skating engagement session which was perfectly nestled into the Colorado country side, giving you that true wintry iconic feel.  Knit caps & mittens were a must, not only as a staple of outdoor winter fun, but to really bring the iconic nostalgia feel full circle!  With a few key elements in place, Katie & Austin’s ice skating engagement, a first of the season for us, is pure a real delight, consider it the marshmallows to our cocoa!



*All Photographs by KB Digital Designs