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Cool and Chic Downtown Wedding in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is promulgated as this radical, epic place with heaps of culture just brimming from every corner. We love the city scene and it’s a place that can transform. Amber and Danny hail from the midwest and the east coast, and while their story began elsewhere in the US, they ended up falling adamantly for the west coast, thusly experiencing that transformation. Nearly five years later, the duo ended up having a cool and chic downtown wedding in Los Angeles at the modern Hotel Indigo.

In a sense, it feels like the bohemian motif plays like a neutral color; works with any style you throw at it yet stands out on its own proudly. Bride Amber wanted to have a boho/modern wedding and their venue had that with hints of midcentury laced in. Groom Danny used his creative director prowess and wove the California side of their wedding to the minimalism and branded every aspect he could: from the signage and fonts. To add depth to the space, warm tones, sharp lines, and textural additions were included, such as amber and jewel toned votive holders, muted-colored florals, and geometric decor in the ceremony and reception. LuckEleven Events took the brilliance of decor styling these two had and truly made it come to life with Liz Bretz handing us an epically orchestrated wedding day.

How did you meet?

While rare childhood photos of the two in the same room exist, Amber and Danny did not officially meet until Memorial Day weekend 2014. At the time, Amber was styling hair in Michigan, and Danny was just a year into his new life in California.They found themselves invited to the same wedding in Ann Arbor, but little did they know, they were really rsvp-ing “yes” to DESTINY.

The ceremony and reception were beautiful, and afterward, everyone headed to the bar, Habana (RIP), for the after-party. Danny was minding his own business at a small table when Amber sat down next to him and offered him a party-favor…a shot of tequila. Danny accepted, and before they knew it, they were dancing the night away. Making it to brunch the next morning proved to be a challenge, but when Amber and Danny saw each other from across the lawn, it was suddenly much easier. They talked again, and Amber mentioned she would be visiting Los Angeles the following month to see a good friend. Danny cleared his schedule before he even got back to LA.

Amber visited for the week and together they ate tacos, chilled on the beach, and even caught a couple sunsets before she headed back home. After that, they flew to see each other every month for the next year, but it wasn’t enough. Amber decided it was time for a change, so she packed her bags and four curling irons, and booked a one-way ticket to California. Almost five years later, they are happier than ever, living together in their beautiful home in Venice, CA.

What is your proposal story?

Amber was going on what she thought was a birthday trip to Cabo with Danny. He told her to leave January 11th open for his birthday surprise. He rented a car, took her for a ride and before she knew it, they were in a cute little town called Todos Santos (where she really wanted to go, but couldn’t get a room at the boutique hotel she wanted!) They explored the main street and then he took her back to the car and drove to Hotel San Cristobal. Which is the boutique hotel she wanted to stay at so badly. They drive up and he says they have a private lunch, but they’re there early, so they went for a walk. 20 minutes later, up a steep hill, on top of a yoga platform, Danny dropped to one knee and said “Remember when I said I’ve got mad love for you? Well I’ve got mad love for you, forever. Will you marry me?” She said yes. 

What was the most important to the two of you while planning? Was there anything that you chose to splurge on or skip?

We wanted people to feel like they never wanted the fun to stop! Music and dancing has always been a huge part of our relationship. We loved that I walked down the aisle to the instrumental version of “Passionfruit” by Drake! We also chose to have the DJ play reggae music during the cocktail hour, and the playlist during the reception was planned out by us and DJ Kara.

We didn’t really “splurge” on anything, but a last minute decision was to add the Amber colored goblets (which we think made the table settings!) We did decide to skip on upgrading the linens, which we’re happy about…because honestly, in a dim room, who even noticed? 

What were your favorite parts of the day?

OUR CEREMONY! It was the perfect amount of religion and spirituality, and it was absolutely beautiful. Everyone who witnessed our vows were crying and then laughing. It was amazing that our vows complimented each others so well! In Jewish weddings, the bridal typically walks around the groom 7 times during the ceremony. This can symbolize many different things (depending on your degree of religiousness) but we decided to do 3+3+1 and did the last circle together. This to us, meant that our lives were now forever 1. 

Do you have any advice for couples planning their weddings now?

Have so much fun with it! Figure out early on what you both are excited and passionate about planning and delegate your tasks that way. In our opinion, the most stressful part was finding the venue, picking the date, and making the guest list. After that was over, it was smooth sailing. The only regret we both have is not inviting a couple of people we wish we had. Think about it long and hard when writing your list and if you at all feel like you will be sad if someone isn’t there to witness your special day, just add them to the list! Also, hire yourself a bomb ass wedding planner like Melanie Levin with Luckeleven Events!