The wedding dress game is an interesting one, surrounded by a world of various designers, each with their own unique perspective & style expression.  While the materials used change ever so slightly, its the visions that are the true archetype not just to each designer, but within a collection itself.  Persy Bridal Couture is the newest  wedding dress collection expression from Yaniv Persy, an Israeli born designer.  While the base elements are the same, lace, beads, silk and the like, it is the design aesthetic that truly separates this wedding dress collection.  Showcasing body hugging designs that are so in tune with the feminine figure, as Israeli designers are so often known for, its the an adventurous spirit that defines this latest collection.  Whether it be corset fitted tops or daring fringe, its clear that each creation has a pulse on the modern bride.  Interestingly enough, many of these gorgeous and unique creations are available as separates, perfectly on trend with today’s bridal yearnings for something fresh & different.  Each with its very own personality, I find myself particularly drawn to the Viola, with a certain polish & regality that is hard to argue, though, if pressed, I will fess up to secretly squirreling away a love for fringe…


Wedding-Dress-Persy-Bridal-Couture-Angel Wedding-Dress-Persy-Bridal-Couture-Angel-1

Angel – Combination corset & skirt of floral lace applique & crystals



Mayaan – Beaded fabric on silk


Wedding-Dress-Persy-Bridal-Couture-Samantha-Corset Wedding-Dress-Persy-Bridal-Couture-Samantha-Corset-Cape

Chen – Lace beaded applique & silk



Isabella – Lace applique layers with beaded pearls


Wedding-Dress-Persy-Bridal-Couture--Nicole-1 Wedding-Dress-Persy-Bridal-Couture--Nicole

Nicole – Satin fabric with handmade beads & crystals



Fringes – Mesh embroidered crochet & fringe


Wedding-Dress-Persy-Bridal-Couture-Chen Wedding-Dress-Persy-Bridal-Couture-Chen-1

Chen – Beaded lace applique with chiffon flowers



Annie Corset – Solstice lace with beaded floral lace applique


Wedding-Dress-Persy-Bridal-Couture-Viola-1 Wedding-Dress-Persy-Bridal-Couture-Viola

Viola – Handmade floral lace & crystals