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Destination Weddings Simplified Thanks To Sandals WeddingMoons


If there very idea of a tropical destination wedding leaves you a bit weak in the knees, you’re going to love today’s feature! If the idea of planning something from far away leaves you apprehensive, you’re going to love today’s feature even more!  What feels like only a few short months ago, brought me to the Bahamas, more specifically to the carefully landscaped and dreamy grounds that is Sandals Royal Bahamian.  While we were there to explore, experience and learn about the many unique aspects to a Sandals’ vacation, there was one element that stood out above the rest, Sandals very own WeddingMoons.  The name alone might sound intuitive, but believe me when I tell you it is something very much more!


Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Pool-(10) Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Entrance-(16) Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Guest-Beach-(8)

Sure, Sandals is a tropical resort offering up 15 lush places to play in.  Yes, it is all inclusive, and believe me when I say, ALL inclusive!  And you better believe their goal is to make sure you have the most spirited of time and the most perfectly lounge worthy of time.  It was however, their wedding experience that took me by surprise.  In a page right out of the ‘Get It Done’ handbook, the Sandals‘ wedding team created the most amazingly customizable way to craft your perfect wedding, no matter where you’re located at the time.  From color palettes to blooms to Pinterest worthy table settings, Sandals allows you to select, create & control each aspect of your day, all from the comfort of whatever seat you’re currently occupying… all online via their wedding design center!

Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Customizable-Destination-Weddings-(21) Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Customizable-Destination-Weddings-(20) Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Customizable-Destination-Weddings-(19)

Whether its utilizing part of their resort team or leveraging their close local vendor connections, I  love how Sandals is able to help you dream big in such a low stress kind of ways!  The ribbon and tablecloths seen above are just a taste of the creation process, a glimpse into how many options they readily have on hand.  From linens to wedding decor details, you’re able to outfit each little detail within the process with your personal touch.   Because you know you simply can not get a bunch of bloggers together without inspiration flying off the shelves, the team at Sandals took the opportunity to show us some of their table settings and floral arranging magic as well as the perfect beach wedding ceremony arch.

Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Customizable-Destination-Weddings-Tablesetting-(32) Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Customizable-Destination-Weddings-Tablesetting-(33) Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Customizable-Destination-Weddings-Tablesetting-(34) Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Customizable-Destination-Weddings-Tablesetting-(39) Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Customizable-Destination-Weddings-Tablesetting-(35) Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Customizable-Destination-Weddings-Tablesetting-(38)

Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Customizable-Destination-Weddings-Ceremony-Arch-(40) Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Customizable-Destination-Weddings-Ceremony-Arch--(41) Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Customizable-Destination-Weddings-Ceremony-Arch--(43)

Believe it or not, all the details that go into planning a wedding is but just one piece to the entire look and feel.  Another is location, something Sandals has worked hard at, creating dreamy tropical like playlands for their guests.   Hidden nook statues, walkways that lead down paths covered in draped tropical blooms, oversized outdoor chess experiences, and fountains are just a sampling of the landscape design that unfolds into the most amazing wedding backdrop.  Do not discount the value that there is to a wedding set within a gorgeous locale and the beautiful portraits you can obtain without even trying!  I mean come on, the outdoor chess set up alone is begging for a photo session!  And did we mention some of the resorts even have their very own private island that you can get away to, even to make your very own wedding island!

Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Outdoor-Chess-(15) Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Hidden-Statue-(24) Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Lanscape-Floral-(5)

Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Walkways-(23) Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Statues-(25)

The last great piece to all of this is how easily a destination wedding at Sandals becomes more than just a place you had your wedding at.  Guest can come down early, take in some serious R&R and truly get the full experience.  Want to keep the fuss down for yourselves?  Simply skip over to another tropical Sandals resort locale for your honeymoon!  It might sound cheesy, but seriously, what could be easier?  All encompassing, all inclusive, all about experience without all the stress that comes before hand.  Instead of making last minute decisions, worrying about what may or may not go properly, why not take in your entire experience in your own guest villa, sip fruity drinks poolside and truly get to take in this time with your friends and family!

Sandals-Royal-Bahamian--Guest-Villa(11) Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Guest-Villa-(12) Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Guest-Villa-(26) Sandals-Royal-Bahamian-Guest-Villas-(4)

{All Photographs by Alexis June Weddings}

*Sandals Royal Bahamian sponsored our stay in the Bahamas. All opinions are the author’s own are not endorsed by Sandals, Aisle Society, or their affiliates.