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DIY Splatter Paint Popsicle Stick Table Runner & Bottles via At Home In Love

I just stumbled upon this beauty and Man’o’Man I could not wait to share it with you!  At Home In Love {Fab name btw!} shared a wonderfully whimsical DIY, one that is so simple and so awesome that I had a proper, ‘Why did I think of that!?’ moment!  Aileen crafted a mega cute splatter paint popsicle stick table runner complete with hand painted beer bottle vases for a recent friend’s baby shower.  There is so much potential in this sort of an idea and so many wonderful ways to play up your decor.  The best part is that this is certainly a low cost project and one that wont eat up a ton of your time as well as being pretty easy to knock out!

Splatter Paint Popsicle Stick Runner DIY via At Home In Love

There is  a real modern pop art vibe to the splatter paint runner, add in some terrifically painted bottles et volia!  Big thanks to Aileen for sharing this wonderful DIY!  Be sure to CLICK HERE to view Aileen’s full post including her step by step instructions to craft both the runner & bottles!