Design & Décor

DIY Wedding Delight With Bright Yellow Chevron Table Runners In This Gorgeous Oklahoma Wedding

This Oklahoma wedding is divine for so many reasons!  Not only is our couple, Audra Camille Ingram & Kendal Anson Osborne super cute & clearly very sweet on one another, they their big wedding day fete was right in their very own backyard!  Keeping to a tight limited budget, our couple decided their home was the perfect spot which allowed Audra’s inner craft diva to kick into action.  Armed with a sewing machine,  glue gun & an army of help, Audra & Kendal were able to turn their wedding into a spectacular affair that would make any budget conscious bride envious!  After looking through their sweet wedding filled of yellow chevron table runners, home made centerpieces/bouquets, perfect graphic stylings and so much more, I seriously do not want to ever hear again how someone on a limited budget can not have  nice wedding as Audra & Kendal’s wedding is living proof that with a touch of creativity and some elbow grease, you can make your wedding simply beyond, with whatever budget it is your working with!


A Word From Our Bride:

I do communications work at a church, along with graphic design. Kendal has his own recording studio, where he records, mixes and masters albums. Kendal and I started dating our senior year in high school. You could say, we fell in love dancing. It all started when I needed a partner for a swing dancing class I was taking. The rest is history. We will have been together four years this fall.

Our wedding was very laid back. We decided to have the wedding at our house, with the reception in the backyard. You could say it was a country chic wedding. I’m a crafty person, so most of the items were either hand made, or borrowed from friends. I personally made the ring bearer pillow, and my mom made the “here comes the bride” sign, while a close friend screen printed the words on. Those two things, were probably some of my favorite things. I also made some flowers out of paper towel rolls, which turned out amazing, they were hung around the porch and backyard, they added so much!

Number one, our budget was limited, and most venues would have eaten up our whole budget.  But then again, Kendal and I are pretty reserved people and really wanted our wedding to be low key and intimate. Our house turned out to be the perfect location. Not only that, but now every time I look out of our guest room window, I see the tree that we got married under, it’s such a great reminder!

The whole wedding was done by family and friends. Before the actual day, it was mostly my mom, matron of honor,and I. On the day of I had a huge team of people setting up. It was so wonderful, that I could just focus on getting ready. I had friends that came all the way from Iowa, and we’re amazing  help. My brothers and sister in laws we’re amazing too, one of them even did my hair. We had a lot of close friends that busted their rears, setting up, and it couldn’t have been done without them!!

Looking back, I would say my favorite moment was when I walked out of the house, down the back porch steps, and saw Kendal for the first time, that moment, ahhh nothing can describe that moment. I can say confidently, that there is nothing I would change about our wedding. I hear a lot of brides complain about certain things, and I honestly, wouldn’t have had it any other way!


Vendor Love

Venue:  House & Backyard
Wedding Dress:  Casablanca
Makeup Artist:  Ashley Sloan
Florist:  Bride & Friends
Caterer:  Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ
Baker:  All Things Cake
Photographer:  Larissa Nicole Photography