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Feminine Romance vs Regal Refinement ~ Fashion Forward Bridal Looks To Inspire

There is a particular board that I keep on Pinterest that is quite possibly my favorite board of all, Bridal Inspirationsensation.  The focus of the board is an eclectic collection of bridal looks, styles & accessories that are much more fashion forward then your typical fare. I utterly adore this board for so many reasons, the most important of which to me being its total departure from the conventional ‘cookie cutter’ styled bride.  Fashion is indeed a genius all its own, clothing, the art form it becomes.  For the right bride, one who is more adventurous, stylish, and most importantly, comfortable in her own skin, there is a mind blowing world of looks that defy classic ways of tradition, turn up the whimsy, bring forth the elegance, highlight everything magical about design.  Today’s styled bridal session certainly is not for your cookie cutter bride.  Wonderfully over sized floral fascinators, strips of lace running through braided hair, black corset gowns with sophisticated lace veils, fashion embodied.  There is an air of good & bad here, romantic vs mysteriously regal if you will.  Bridal fashion can be a dream world just like any other, if you let it….


So which look is your favorite?  Do you lean more toward the softer feminine & romantic style or are you as in love as I am with the bold black lace look?  The mystery in the black lace veil is simply beyond with such an intense sense of sophistication don’t you think?  What are some of your more fashion forward bridal looks, I’d love to hear!

Vendor Love

Corset: Fredrick’s of Hollywood | Pink Gown: H&M | Floral Fascinator & Black VeilMeo Baaklini | Hair & Make-upMeo Baaklini | Photographer: Meo Baaklini