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Geode Jewelry Infused Wedding Inspiration

If you’re anything like my little sister, you have a serious soft spot for anything geology related, especially when it comes to gorgeous geodes & shimmering druzy pieces.  We love these unique earth harvested treats, coveting them for a variety of reasons.  From a hue standpoint, geodes give us a range of enchanting soft tones in a muted way, even the ones that are rich & deep in color.  While their diverse color characteristics often serves as wedding inspiration all their own, its their wildly pure rugged & raw lines that can truly shape an entire wedding from our hair to our table setings.   Geodes have long been used to create stunning pieces of geode jewelry, an easy & gracefully way to directly incorporate these earthly delights.  Statement wrap druzy rings, drop geode earrings and the like make perfect bridesmaid’s gifts just as much as they make for the most amazing of finishing touches on any bride.  Below is a collection of some of my favorite pieces ranging from those that have been shaped into arrowhead like forms while others retain their wild & pure roots.  Simple touches of color, always with a touch of style & sophistication, geode jewelry easily serves as wedding inspiration all its own!

Geode Wedding Inspiration


Geode Ring Black Shimmer Druzy wrap ring

 {Geode rings from Anthropologie}

Druzy Earrings Geode Ring

{Druzy Crystal Stud Earrings,Pallanza Druzy Ring

Nydla Arrow Ring Anthropologie Geode Wedding Jemma Cuff Anthropologie Geode Wedding

{Agate jewelry from Anthropologie}

Geode Bracelet Geode Earrings Quartz Earrings

{Geode cuff bracelet from Anthropologie, Purple Quartz Crystal Dangle Earrings

Triplette Drop Earrings Quartz arrowhead ring

{Geode earrings and ring from Anthropologie}