Glittery Gold Gatsby Inspired Wedding Shows How One Color Weddings Can Really Sing

The Great Gatsby has always been a wonderful source of inspiration for weddings.  The style, the elegance, the pageantry, sets the stage for beautiful rooms of grandeur & sleek stunning bridal style.  Today’s styled shoot marries Gatsby influences with with a rich color palette, that of dripping gold.  This shoot is a monochromatic dream & a prime example of how a one color {technically two with pops of cream here and there} can be just as swoon worthy as those with a loaded palette with a rainbow of colors!


What Storyboard Likes…

All The Glitters Really Is Gold– I’ll be honest, I was skeptical about the idea of drenching something almost completely in gold.  It worried me that the overall look might rival that of something King Midas went crazy in.  However, I must say, I am a fan for sure.  There are a couple key reasons that this gold wedding works so well.  For starters the tone of gold that was used is rich, deep, even slightly light bronze at times.  Yellow gold is typically harsh and associated with discos & has a cheaper overall feel.  Using a more lush golden tone allowed the design team to create a believable world of luxury.  The other reason that this comes together so beautifully is the use of varying  textures.  From the choice of using the floral table linens to the brushed metal centerpieces, dimension is added as well as giving layers to the room.  Choices of simple things like plates with gold ball adornments to gold stretched fabric over the menu guide the guests seamlessly through this golden world.  If your truly after a one color wedding, be sure to choose the right tone within that color & work with multiple textures to create a 3D monochromatic world that your guests will coo at!

Bridal Headpiece– I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE this headpiece!  It’s certainly not every bride that can pull off something like this, but when you have bride that is willing to embody bridal ‘couture’, amazing things happen.  The piece itself, given its environment within this shoot, definitely takes on a 1920’s vibe, but this look could easily double into the world of a bohemian bride even the right hipster bride.  A look like this is meant to be worn with hair that has movement, a bit of that just tousled look if you will!  The hair at the crown of your head most certainly should have some texture & height much the way our bride here does.  Doing this will give the overall look dimension & pop!

Luxury– There is no denying the world that the team crafted is rich in luxury.  All the right design choices {hue selection, linens, textural selections, etc}  come together flawlessly to embody a room of golden sophistication.  One element in particular that brings the drama to this luxurious room is the wonderful brushed metal centerpieces of varying height.  I love the metal work to these vases, but its the fluffy feather caps that really bring together not just the sophisticated feel but hones in on that wonderful Gatsby vibe.  Every touch & detail helps to hand craft this elegant world that truly shows why All That Glitters Really Is Gold!


Vendor Love

Venue: The Ballroom at Church Street
Dress Boutique: The Collection
Makeup Artist: Beaute Speciale
Personal Stylist: Loftis Production Services, Inc
Men’s Attire: Tuxedos To You
Caterer: RW Chocolate Fountain Rentals
Baker: Party Flavors Custom Cakes
Invitation Designer: Dogwood Blossom Stationery & Invitation Studio
Lighting: Simply Lighting
Linens and Coverings: Over The Top, Artistic Aisle Runners
Rentals: A Chair Affair, Inc.
Transportation: VIP Transportation Group of Orlando
Event Designer: Weddings By Carly Ane’s
Cinema and Video: Key Moments Production
Photographer: Misty Miotto Photography