Its true, I totally do.  Whenever someone is able to pull off a look, be it simply clothing based, hair, make-up you name it, with that freshly  disheveled looked, I am in awe & a wee bit jealous.  I always feel I just look….well… messy.  I have a good girlfriend who I swear to God has the most amazing I just got rocked in bed hair & she doesnt even do it on purpose and its AMAZING!  Sigh… waxing poetic

Anywho, one of the key elements of a good mess, at least as fair as hair goes, is texture.  I LOVE texture in hair.  Typically texture in hair is achieved by some kind of curl, wave, kink, you name it and a bit of mussing about with the hair.  Maybe a dab of product on your fingers as they rustle through your hair, or a good ol’fashion hair tease, either way, this well formed hair torture leads to some overall amazing looks.

Texture often plays a super key role in some pretty amazing up do’s as well.   I think the looks that are most often thought of and associated with the textured updo are something like these classic beauties:

Kate Hudson Texture Updo Low Back Texture Twist Gibbson

Hair is generally lifted from the face and given volume as its swept to the back.  Nothing is specifically pinned or flattened, allowing the natural wave of the hair to define & ultimately sculpt the look from the front.  I typically see this done with more elegant & regal looks.  Whats done with the hair in the back can go a variety of ways & really is up to the stylist/bride.  Anything from the perfectly crafted messy bun to pinned curls, even the crowd favorite Gibbson tuck.

What if though you love texture but dont want to go such a classic route & favor something a bit more fashion forward, playful & fun?  I’ve put together a few fun romantic wispy playful looks that could really make for some amazing bohemian brides.  Personally I think some of these looks are amazing for any special event or even day to day.  These could also be some pretty fabulous hairstyles for bridesmaids as well.

Texture Loose Gather Pony Headband Messy Texture Bun Loose Side Bang

Loose Pinned Low Chignon Side Swept Twist Bang Texture Bun Back

Twisted Textured Updo With Fresh Flowers via OneWed

Texture High Tucked Pony Loose Volume Front Texture High Tease Crown Volume Loose Bang

These amazing looks are so dreamy.  Pretty much any of these could easily be accompanied by a fascinator, headband, even a veil.  I’d really love to start seeing a lot of brides getting farther away from the most common tight up do’s typically dictated by veils.  There is no reason that more loose locks cant work with a veil just the same.  If you have a great stylist, there is nothing that can not be done!

Texture High Volume Tight Low Back

By the way, I totally love this look and I think with just the right tweaking, it could be totally amazing!  Not gonna lie though, in the wrong hands, it could easily be more Bride of Frankenstein then intended!  Maybe its one best left to the pages of a picturesque editorial spread!

Which of these lovely messes do you favor?  Anyone going with a look more in this direction?