Engagement Photos

Ibiza Spain Skate Park Engagement Session

I hope your ready to reminisce because today’s engagement session from Ibiza wedding photographer Ana Lui Photography  is pretty much everything you sweat when you think of the tragically hip.  Young, hot and embodying everything that it is to be a part of cult fashion, Desi and Joaquin wanted their skate park engagement session to read like a page out of the magazine that they call life.  Both dressed in looks that clearly show a care & a flair for fashionable ways yet exude an ‘I just threw this one attitude’, the couple paired up with Ana at a local Ibiza skate park as the sun started to drop resulting in the most delicious of sun bleached summer like moments.  With an already edgy & moody feel to the skate park engagement shoot, the crew knew that the neighboring cemetery next door would make for an equally dynamic backdrop as well.  The combination of skate park & cemetery locale, along with Desi & Joaquin’s hot vibe, make for an engagement session that pricks at memories from long ago, when the yummy boys & idol like girls all hung out and you knew magic was just about to happen.


*All Photographs by Ana Lui Photography