I wanted to go about celebrating Independence Day a bit differently this year and when this total gem from international wedding photographer A Fist Full Of Bolts kind of fell into my lap, I knew I had scored the perfect thing!  If you didnt already know, photographers have a mutual admiration society and crush just as hard on each other’s work as we do.  When they are able to align schedules you better believe that a bit of photo magic happens!  Such is the case with Brooklyn based wedding photographers Chellise Michael Photography  who were able to snag a love session with the utterly creative crew at AFFOB.  There is a certain kind of magic that happens when photographers pose for other photographers that you simply dont quite get under other circumstances.  There is an awareness that allows all insecurities to be striped away, a comfort level that results in pure moments of emotion and playfulness.  Whether setting out to do so or not, the session oozes pure Americana perfection.  A boy and a girl, blue jeans, and a gently loved old glory all set in iconic Brooklyn New York.  There are so many things to love about this Americana love session, with a few moments that steal my breath, ones that could easily slide into any advertising campaign.  Magic, pure epic Americana magic, but really isnt that what this holiday is all about?!


*All Photographs by A Fist Full Of Bolts