An Intimate Modern Wedding Done Napa Valley Style, Inns & Private Winery Rooms

Lately I have been getting a rash of petite intimate weddings, even out right engagements and I gotta say I am loving whats happening here.  Why you ask?  If a couple knows themselves, their limitations or their personal preferences enough to know that a big ol’affair isn’t their style, I really respect their decision to truly keep the day as they see fit!  I am also seeing a lot of couples who even though they have a small wedding, or again out right elope, they aren’t skimping on the details & photography!  Just because you want something small, doesn’t mean that it can’t be gorgeous & designed all the same!  Britt Azlin & Ryan Rayburn opted to scale down their wedding day and head to a place that held special meaning to them in Napa Valley.  The result is a beautifully swoony day filled with billowy peonies & Vera Wang along with some serious style and sophistication all captured by White Ivory Photography!


Novella of the Bride…

I’ve always been the center of attention growing up, but that wouldn’t’ do when I said I do…. Knowing my over planning tendencies I had never wanted a big wedding, I knew I wanted my Dad walk me to my future,  I knew I wanted peonies, that was about all I knew.  Ry and I were set up on a blind date and both had an underwhelming of, meh.  2 years later Ry asked me out again for our 2nd first date, timing really is everything, we’ve been making each other laugh ever sense.  He proposed a year and a half later with a Bible engraved with my new last name in our favorite spot, the hammock in our back yard.

Right after we got engaged my Mom and I went dress shopping, and originally planned on going to Mexico…that was before I found out the ceremony is in Spanish and you have to be in the country 4 days and have your blood drawn before you can get married…so I was going over the plan and budget just really thinking out loud when she said told me my parents were going to cover the entire thing.  They took a ton of the stress out of everything for everyone by taking care of ever thing.

Ry loves to surprise me, our first vacation he told me the weather and what type of shoes I’d need… then didn’t tell me we were heading to Napa until we were at the airport.  Luck would have it that we were on our way to Sonoma when we decided we were STARVING, so we found the closest thing with good reviews on Yelp and that lead us to the Boon Fly Cafe… between the bacon bloody mary’s and the fresh donut holes we about cancelled wine tasting.  I couldn’t get the Boon Fly Cafe out of my head, every time I started thinking about where I wanted to get married it came back to Napa.   I was looking through my pinterest “Future Mrs. Mustache” board and kept coming back to one photo… turns out it was taken at the Carneros Inn… I was SOLD.  There wasn’t a set theme, I was going for something classic that I wouldn’t look back in 20 years and think “What was I thinking?”.  Overall it was laid back, unplanned with a touch of champagne.

Bride’s Favorite Moment: “Trying to be serious during the photos, I’m surprised any of them turned out with the jokes we were telling each other during the shoot.  That, and the feeling I got when Soo {planner at Carneros} said it was time to go get married… it was like someone telling you the best part of your life is starting in 10 minutes.”

Vendor Love

Ceremony: The Carneros Inn  | Reception: Pure Cru {Private Room}  | Wedding Dress: Vera Wang  | Shoes: Badgley Mischka  | Florist: Valley Flora  | Caterer: Oenotri Restaurant  | Baker: Sweetie Pies pure | Photographer: White Ivory Photography