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Storyboard Wedding Why It Works Wednesday

I am always on the hunt for unique and creative ceremony backdrops. Call me jaded, but I have seen my share of traditional ceremony arches and alters, my own wedding included! There is a creative fever to the wedding world nowadays, one that inspires all sorts of wonderfully lovely and at times funky elements to be used, creating magic. What I love about today’s Why It Works focus is that it is a gorgeous blend of a classic put together in a modern presentation.

Lace Panel Ceremony Backdrop Mint Photography The Confetti Committee Bricolage Florals via Green Wedding Shoes 1

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Lace, good old beautiful lace, serves as the wedding decor weapon of choice here. Set as a key piece to modern bohemian wedding inspiration on Green Wedding Shoes, lace panels serve as a unique ceremony backdrop. A mix of size, color, and lace design work in gorgeous harmony, crafting a romantically sweet backdrop. For the cherry on top, the lace backdrop is set in a lush forest locale, accented by pops of blooms in a mix of hues.


Why Lace Panels?

The truth is any kind of stretched fabric, within reason, is going to make for a pretty cool and rather dynamic detail point.  Working with something like lace & crochet blankets, which are more translucent in nature, creates a ‘free’ wall like ceremony backdrop.  Lace is a great choice here as it provides enough of a solid structure that its obvious what the point is, yet offering a beautifully flowing sight line through each little eyelet area, giving the most lovely of romantic & whimsical effect.
Lace Panel Ceremony Backdrop Mint Photography The Confetti Committee Bricolage Florals via Green Wedding Shoes

What Makes This Ceremony Backdrop Arrangement Pop?

2 things, shape & color. Shape is the true mastermind here, both in the varying sizes of the lace panels themselves as well as the unique shape of the lace patterns within.  By creating different size panels, using a different type of lace for each, there is visually intriguing touch that creates a sense of movement in each.  If the lace matched and the panels were uniform size, the effect would be quite different, with a feel that is more calming and passive.  By creating a diverse collection of lace panels, the element of whimsy and playfulness is increased, injecting a fresh energy to the backdrop.  Color is the other powerful detail here.  Sure upon first look you might think ok there is one panel that is pink, but the truth is, I can almost promise that upon closer inspection the other types of lace drift between whitest white to varying ivories.  The result of this colorful mix…. dimension.  Much like shape plays a key role in the overall energy, as does color giving each panel its own pop and the ability to stand out on its own.
Lace Panel Ceremony Backdrop Mint Photography The Confetti Committee Bricolage Florals via Green Wedding Shoes Floral Detail

Finishing Details

The lace panels themselves are gorgeous sure, but for me, what completes the picture is the floral detailing.  In the case of the backdrop, floral details are placed in 2 key manners, draping of long leaf branches to reinforce the frames and full blooms that are woven into the lace. With each, there is something uniquely random yet structured to their placement, something very bohemian, which is most certainly the point!  From the mixed hue pops to the lazy branches, its kind of amazing with a few choice well placed florals can do!