Ellen Marie Birdcage Veil Black

Judging by the amount of hits I continue to get on my November post regarding Black Wedding Dresses, lots of you are at the minimum, very curious about wedding attire that is outside the lines of standard tradition.  Personally I  love this trend.  I love anything that is willing to push some boundaries & shake things up.  Though I didnt personally sport a black dress, that doesnt make me appreciate black gowns or black accents any less.

This got me thinking.  What about black veils?  Sadly, these have been used almost expressly in association with funerals, death & sadness in the past.  Not a very easy obstacle to overcome!  Personally I think its rubbish and I would like to see black veils begin to take a bigger step into the spotlight in the wedding world.  Its hard to deny that there is a definite air of mystery that is associated with a black veil, however there is also most certainly an element of regaliness that goes along with them as well.  I actually find the look to feel strong, polished, & quite sexy.

Whether your willing to go full Monty, rocking an entirely black ensemble or simply looking for a pop of black here and there, these gorgeous veils that I came across shake things up & stare the old mentality right in the face.  I’ve put together a grouping of different veil materials & looks.  I’ve given links when available to where they are available for purchase.


Blake Lively Glamour Magazine Addison Black Tulle Bandeau Birdcage Veil

While I can not locate any info regarding the veil that Blake is wearing in this shoot, I choose to not only use it, but lead with it for 2 reasons.  Firstly, I think  its a wonderful representation of exactly what I am referring to regarding regal beauty.  There is a certain Je ne sais quoi about the black veil dont you think?   Additionally, I want to point out the material.  This particular netting is large diamond as well as having fabric puff accents.  Its a pretty amazing over all look.

The second veil is a very understated yet  an amazingly beautiful take on the black veil.  The use of bridal illusion tulle creates an illusion of mystery yet does not obstruct the view of the wearer in the least.  This ‘Addison’ Tulle veil was designed by Ellen Marie.


black birdcage veil with feather fascinator White Birdcage Veil with Black Accents

The veil on the left is designed by Anne Michelle Heirlooms. The gals behind this more fashion forward veil opted for not only the netting but to pair the netting with a lovely feather fascinator.  Additionally, the netting has a few pops of adornment as well.

The veil on the right is designed by Castle Bride Couture.  As a whole this designer’s focus is on more couture avant garde veils which are simply stunning.  I wanted to feature this particular veil, as its a wonderful option for any bride that wants to go with a pop of black versus a full on black veil.  There is something very classic 1930’s-40’s about this piece.  I love it!


Large Diamond Net Black Bandeau Birdcage Veil

I wanted to end with your classic standard birdcage veil, simply in black.  This particular one is again one with larger diamonds in the netting.  This classic veil in black can be found at Birdcage Veil Boutique   There really is no reason to associate these amazing veils in black with times of sorrow any more.  Black at weddings is quite in trend right now, & wearing a black veil is that extra fashion forward step.  Any ladies that have worn black veils or will be, please send me your photos!  I would love to feature them!  Xo!


**Update 2/21/12

As I was reading Celebitchy (one of my utter FAVE gossip sites!) I came across a post regarding an actress on Downtown Abbey.  The main image for the post (perhaps a still from the show?) showed Lady Mary wearing a very gorgeous floral adorned black veil.  Granted the image is most defiantly color warped in Photoshop, it would seem the flowers are lovely deep purple orchids.  This look, especially with the dark makeup and deep berry lips is filled with yummy drama!

Downtown Abbey Black Veil