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Literary Driven Book Engagement Session With Two Petite Stars

There are a few things I am utterly loving about today’s book engagement session from Shaunae Teske Photography.  Firstly, Erika & Bryan’s book engagement session has a wonderfully simplistic touch and sensibility.  Take a simple theme, literary based, and dont over do it.  Surround yourself in a sweet environment, add a few well picked outfits, finish with two petite stars in the form of pups, et voilà!  It’s easy to get swept up in a theme and easily over do things, but not so with this literary driven book engagement.  The beauty is in the gentle nod to book lovers all while keeping the focus right where it should be, on Erika & Bryan.  One other key element at play is the way that photographer Shaunae Teske plays with the light, creating a wonderfully ethereal environment and some truly dreamy moments.  Whether you love it for the books or the pups, you gotta admit the beauty is in the simplicity!


*About Erika & Bryan

These two met in 2011 at a friend’s New Year’s Eve party. They both liked one another but didn’t quite know where to go from there. They started spending a lot of time together and found they had a lot in common, including their funny love of betting. They bet on the Stanley Cup Finals, cribbage games, Wii, tournaments, anything they could get their betting hands on! Their fun loving spirits and great sense of humor made them the absolute perfect fit for one another!

After dating for awhile Bryan knew he wanted to propose. He had the whole proposal planned out. He hid a bottle of champagne and glasses in a tree by a park bench and was about to ask Erika to take a walk with him. They would walk then sit on the bench where he would ask then he would surprise her by busting out the champagne. Everything was in place and they started taking a walk. Erika (not knowing any of this was in the works) was getting too cold and wanted to head back home early. There was no way Bryan could get her to keep walking so they headed back. Knowing that he didn’t want to wait any longer, as soon as they arrived back to their apartment, he proposed!! And in celebration, they returned to the park bench to retrieve their champagne and toast in the “planned” proposal spot!

Nowadays, when Erika isn’t teaching and Bryan isn’t analyzing prices; you can find these two going to musicals, Packer games, or walking their two dogs, Hero and Damsel. And when they have no plans these two will most likely be snuggled in their apartment reading books (their love for literature is beautiful), watching movies or playing Mario Kart.

*All Photography by  Shaunae Teske Photography