Minimalist Cloudscape Wedding In Atlanta

As someone who has delivered a number of styled editorals for major brands, I say with no hesitation that articulating an idea isn’t always the easiest task! Certain creatives (themes) come together easily while others, those more abstract in nature, really require your art director A-game to evolve and fully bake. Imagine selecting a style that is derived from the heavens themselves, the very clouds that dance around us! Now imagine turning that inspiration into actual tangible things, no easy task right? Exactly that principle is what I am utterly loving about this styled cloudscape wedding. This team of wedding pros from Atlanta, Georgia’s ability to turn an almost intangible concept, into a dreamy wedding you can actually touch.  Dancing in a palette of whites, grays and blues, the team put together a cloudscape wedding this is equal parts romantic as it is minimalist modern.  I wont spoil it by ranting on about the various details, I’ll allow your mind to wander the very same way it does when you gaze up at the clouds on a sunny day…


Vendor Love

Photography: Heather K Cook Photography | Event Planning: Cassie Valente Photography | Venue: Park Studios | Day-of Coordination: Beautiful Wild Design | Floral: Beautiful Wild Design | Stationery: Lairsey Paper Co | Photography Assistance: Four Corners Photography | Illustrations: meredith mejerle | Chair Rentals: Presentime Rentals | Linens: La Tavola Fine Linen | Hair: Vigilante Cosmetics | Makeup: Vigilante Cosmetics | Model: mccall mitchell + Jake Glibs | Tableware: Crate and Barrel | Rentals: Emerson James Rentals | Wedding Cake: Ginger Spice Bakery | Paintings: Beautiful Wild Design | Wedding Dress: Elaya Vaughn | Groom’s Attire: The Black Tux | Bride’s Shoes: JCrew | Engagement Ring: Suzie Saltzman | Ribbon: Silk and Willow  + Tono & Co. | Submitted via: Matchology