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Perhaps my favorite wedding trend that is, I am predicting, going to catch fire this year, is the mashing up of styles.  I have always been one to believe just because you favor one style, one theme etc, it doesn’t meant that every single little detail needs to mirror simply and only that.  Case in point is this lovely little bridal session from Texas wedding photographer Al Gawlik Photography, in which a stunning modern chic bride is seamlessly complimented by a world of vintage details.  In the past brides have felt the need to style themselves to match their environments.  The beauty here is in the mix and just how wonderfully the jive & inspire.  Lushly blown out locks paired with a ruched bodice wedding dress give a fresh modern feel while elements like a classic chair & wine crates craft a unique juxtaposition of feels making our more current day looking bride truly pop.  Think of it as the floral print to your stripes if you will.  In conversation you might not think they go, but when you start pulling the prints together, you’d be truly delighted at just how harmonious of a world that they can create!

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Photographer:  Al Gawlik Photography | Rentals: Bee Lavish | Venue: Carrington Crossing | Styling: Pink Parasol Designs and Coordinating